Conspiracies, rent-collection and sundry plans

Today we carried the first box of our stuff over to Mark’s parent’s house. Over the next month or so we’ll slowly pack up everything here, and move it over to the other house. Once there it felt so great, and I feel amazing because somehow it feels more real now. Our first house together.

Haunted-House-stock1673-largeI have switched between doubt and amazement throughout the day here. Is this really happening to me? Should it be happening to me? I want to grab Mark close and hug him because I’m happy, and then five minutes later I wonder if we’re not rushing things.

Mark’s dad has already started working over there in Wiltshire. For some reason he got a new job really fast, and I suppose there’s always a need for a good plumber that has a good word-of-mouth about him. So, Mark’s dad wasn’t there; just Mark’s mum who had the sensibility to leave us alone while we got twee and mushy.

They’ve got their new house sorted too. Everything is prepared, and we’re just waiting for specific dates now. We get the house on the 20th of May. We’ll probably move the bulk of our stuff some time after. At least we won’t have to move any furniture, which is nice. Last time I helped someone move, it nearly broke my back.


We also looked around for a new bed. The one we have is auntie’s old one, so we can’t bring it along. We need to get our own bed, preferably a more modern one without the wrought iron bed-frame. But the prices are really high, so we might just have to go to IKEA and buy something cheap.


chainsOur finances will indeed be a bit better once we move. Mark’s dad has made the basement into a separate flat, and some University student is moving in there. But, and this is the important thing, Mark (ie us) gets the rent from her.

Or, rather, Auntie will collect the rent and make sure it’s paid each month, and she’ll handle any problems that might arise. At least we won’t have to do any rent-collecting. Not that I’d mind. I could be like a bull-dog and yap at her if she didn’t pay the rent.

This means that we’ll finally have money to party! If either Mark or me weren’t really home-bodies, and instead actually went out and lived the wild and wanton teenage life. Yes, I shall sit down in front of the computer for four hours and write about the wild and free teen years.


gaypartyStephen and his girl are going to have a party, again, this week, and I’ve actually conspired a bit with him and Mark. Mark is a part of a small LGBT club at his school, and he’s going to invite a couple of them to the party. And then I’m going to bring Abbie along.

I am not sure that this is wise, but I really want Abbie to get out a bit, and meet some other open gay people. Hell, I myself would like to meet some other open gay people. This time I will even try to keep my jealousy in check.

So, this weekend could either be a disaster, or amazing. Either Abbie could be furious for me taking him to a place with other gay people, or he’ll end up snogging all night and not feel so lonely for at least one night. And maybe it will give him some strength to take a step out of the closet. I’ll report back on Monday to tell you all about it.


I have actually finished a novella! I am so pleased with myself. I’m going to put it in the drawer, and let it stew for a week or two and then start to revise it. And then I’ll probably put it up here on the blog. It is one of those episode things I talked about earlier.

So, today has been a really good day: the house, the party, the money, and a finished story. Things are looking good for us.

4 thoughts on “Conspiracies, rent-collection and sundry plans

  1. Rules about too soon or too late or too early or not early enough are all silly. After being just friends for a while, Mike and I (during the course of a weekend) decided we wanted to be together and live together… that was over ten years ago. All of my friends and all of his friends said it would never work. I was a young (Ibiza going) party boy, he was older and had a more suburban lifestyle… but you know what? It worked and continues to work today. Only you and Mark can possibly know what’s right for you and Mark!

    • Haha, most people probably think we’re nutters. We’re only 17, and we’re already getting a house. Sometimes I almost believe they’re right. Most of the time I don’t. Welcome to the conflicted world of Colin.😀

  2. There’s a difference between natural doubt of the unknown and knowing that something is wrong. The house move, and everything with you and Mark, might occasionally produce a little of the former, but never the latter, right? Don’t worry – from what we know of you here, you won’t ever get into something wrong, so just enjoy being in something so right!

    Hope your plans go well with Abbie and the party – be ready for him to be slightly mad at being ‘set-up’, but I’m sure he’ll realise that it was done with good intentions. Also, be ready for him to not say or do anything with the lads he meets! (Either from fear, uncertainty or just from them not being the ones for him!)

    • I won’t tell him it’s a setup. :3 Not before, not during, and not after. They’ll just be some open gay boys there, and he can either freak out or accept it. I don’t think he’ll freak out because I am totally open about being gay, and he’s going there with me. ^^

      And no, it’s not wrong. It’s just my stupid doubts sometimes. This is good. We’ll have more money, and we’ll have a house together. It’s going to be great.:)

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