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FalloutNVToday I’ve had a day off from school, and I’ve not done a thing except making another run through Fallout New Vegas. I really like that game. It’s perfect world building, and it suits a gamer like me that want to go off on a tangent and do some stupid stuff on my own.

Mark is, of course, sending sarcastic texts about lazy bums that get to stay home while he has to go and “enjoy” the delights of school. But, I really wish he’d been here. This could have been a nice entry to the weekend for both of us. Alas, we do go to different schools, and sometimes the dates clash.

Since I’ve not done a thing, I’ve planned a little more elaborate dinner for us tonight, and I’m going to try to make lasagna from scratch. I’ve never made my own, so wish me luck. If you read about a big domestic fire in the South of England, it is probably not going to be me.


journalism_job_lossesSpeaking of fires, I spoke to someone about my plans for the future, in regards to journalism, and I think I came off as a bit too harsh on the profession. Some of you may know that the Leveson inquiry is in full swing here with Rupert Murdoch sitting in the parliamentary dock about it.

This is something I’ve talked to people about, of course, since from outside it looks like the ethics of the profession are non-existent. The newspapers appear to have corrupted everyone from the Bobby on the street corner to the Prime Minister in Whitehall in exchange for influence, endorsement or money.

People I talk to, from the ones in my year to teachers and others, have a very low opinion of journalists. And that presents a dilemma for me because journalism appeals to me. I think I’ve said so several times.

My thinking is very confused about all this; ranging from a “I don’t want to work with something that will make everyone hate me” to “I’d love to write about that kind of thing”. The pendulum swings between the extremes, and I don’t know what to make of it. I don’t understand why I’m so conflicted about it, loving the idea of it but being afraid of the practice of it. I’m weird.

I just have this Plan. I am going to be a novelist. That’s what I want. In order to be a novelist, I need to work with something that pays the rent. My initial blurry plan was to get a university degree from some posh university, and then teach English. That doesn’t really appeal to me. Writing does appeal to me, if I can pull it off. And journalism is writing. So, I dither about it. I can never sit down and think ‘Right, that’s decided. This is what I’m going to do.”


pervertAnd that I’m weird is probably because I’m from a weird country, because something that made me laugh today is a bit of news that the government wants to introduce an opt-in for porn on the internet, for adults.

Because adults are not doing adequate supervision of us impressionable teenagers, the government feels it needs to do something, and that something is to make a law that requires ISPs to block porn, and force adults to call BT or Virgin or other ISPs to let the filth flow.

I can imagine that, yeah. It sounds so delicious in my mind. I can see this scene where some guy gets ready for a wank, and then calls some lady at the phone company about it. ‘Hur hur hur, that site, Big Titties com. Puff puff. Yeah, girl, let it flow. Show me the titties. Hur hur.”

Hilarious. But sometimes this is a hilarious country. That cold and rational Swedish side of me is slightly amused. The British side is outraged. Where will I get my porn from if this goes through?

10 thoughts on “School-free ramblings about journalism and pornography

  1. I don’t have any of the Fallout series. Can I still enjoy Fallout New Vegas without having played the previous games? I like the idea of going off on a tangent. That’s what I like so much about Oblivion and Skyrim. I know you’ve played Skyrim and I was wondering if you could write a piece about those games and what you think of them. A review if you will. After all people that write for these audiences are journalists too.

    And good luck with the lasagna. When I made it for the first time it worked out really well but I made a big mess.:-)

    • Oh yes, it was a mess. I usually try to shut it when Mark pulls down every pot and pan, spatula and forks, when he’s cooking sausages and mash – but this was even worse. :3 Luckily I cleaned it out before he came home so he never saw it.

      Fallout has been called “Oblivion with guns” for good reason. It’s a pretty snide comment, but there is some truth in it. The worlds are massive, and you can completely ditch the main quest and go and do your own thing as soon as the game starts.

      And yeah, you can enjoy them without having played 1 and 2. The Fallout franchise was dead and buried when Bethesda rebooted it. So, Fallout 3 is totally stand-alone. I’d start with that one because it is a bit easier, and even a bit more linear. Not to say that it’s necessarily easymode. But in FO3 you’ll get a good introduction to the world, and then when you play Fallout New Vegas you can start to appreciate the world because the writers really dug deeper in that game.

  2. Thanks Col. Much appreciated. Fallout 3 it is, once I tire of Skyrim.^^ What was Marks reaction to the dinner and lack of mess. Making a point by example methinks.:-)

  3. There are journalists and journalists. A few are corrupt, yes, but I think the great majority of them are honest men and women doing an honest job, and a few are doing a heroic job. Remember it was journalists (at The Guardian and The Independent in particular) who exposed the malign influence of the Murdoch clan and News International in the first place. Without their work, for which they have been vilified in the Murdoch media, there would have been no Leveson inquiry and it would still be business as usual for the Murdochs.

    • Haha, thanks. Welcome to the dithering world of me, by the way. Like I said, if I only ever could decide anything without spending four years overthinking some little detail.:)

  4. Every profession has its good and bad practitioners and Kim’s right that it was the good ones that exposed the bad. That is as it should be because it’s the bad ones that give the profession as a whole a bad name. The way you write this blog Col suggests to me that you could make a good columnist for example, rather than a jobbing hack. I can’t see you as the sort of journo who hangs around police stations or A&E waiting for tidbits, you have opinions. I have no idea at all of how journalism works, mind, that’s just my opinion as a reader.

    As for the porn issue, I can see the reason from a child protection point of view but that’s the operative word, really – “child”. It depends on where they set the age limit; since the AoC is 16 it should certainly be no older than that in my view.

    • Well, they want to have the opt-in for adults. So adult are going to have to call BT or whatever phone company they have and say that they want to see porn. How many are going to do that? ^^ So, they get rid of the porn altogether, for everyone, under “won’t somebody think of the children”-laws once again.

      • Well, it’ll be back to the bookshops in Soho then, just like it used to be:). I don’t think it will happen, the genie’s out of the bottle and there’s too much money being made.

  5. Encrypted VPN to my dad’s proxy works too. The guv’mint will never figure out what I’m doing. ^^ Not that I view porn, of course. Those sites are for 18+…

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