tiggerThere is a very happy Abbie here in school that is about as calm and collected as a Tigger on speed. The man can’t sit still, and breaks into big inappropriately spontaneous grins at the worst of times.

He has already sighed a few times this morning, and now that it is lunch time, he leans slothfully against things, and crack open that stupid-grin. If I didn’t know better I’d say the “utter slut” and him did a bit more than snog at the party on Saturday.

Since he has not seen fit to give me all the details, I am afraid I’m going to have to get past the euphoria and dig out some details. I am prepared to be mortified. Behind the quietest exteriors hides the most depraved interiors. I should know, right?

*thinks of the journals that have to be burned before my death so that any relatives don’t get any ideas about saving them for posterity*


beowulfBen had written a beautiful epic about memory that was about four times as long as my attempt, so I’m going to have to kill him now. My own attempt (published here on the blog) paled in comparison, of course,

I always “won” at writing in my old school, and I guess I became used to that, and here I’m being beat by a mere sports fellows. This can not pass. It has to be pistols at dawn for this slight. But first I’m going to have to buy him a drink, and remember that I’m not the only person here that wants to be a writer.

My professional jealousy meter is up in that red area now, because what he had written was actually very good. I will have to retreat into my writing corner, lick my wounds, and make sure that the next thing leave him in the dirt.


I’m quite tired, so while we have free periods after lunch I am going to break one of my rules and go home and sleep a bit. After I grill Abbie. Then I’m going to eat and get some energy for the bike-ride home. Unfortunately I have to go down to town to get something edible.

And I want a hug, and I want Mark to tell me I’m the best, and I want to snuggle next to him while he reads. But alas, he won’t be home until after six today since he’s going to his parents after school.