sundaydinnerEvery Sunday, me and Mark, auntie, and Mark’s parents have dinner together. This Sunday was no different, and yet it was very different because we had the dinner over at Mark’s parents house.

For the first time, me and Mark, weren’t the “hosts”, and that meant that everything seemed more formal somehow. More set-up. More planned. And it wasn’t as interesting. Maybe that was because there was no wine, but rather non-alcoholic beverages. Our tongues didn’t loosen, and the strange “new” setting put a damper on things.

Mark did announce to the world that he was going to follow-up on something I’d told him about earlier, beer-making. Which lead to a lot of jokes about teen boys, beer, and an endless abundance of it. Yeah, we’re such timid milquetoasts that our parents and relatives don’t even think us capable of being typical teens.


Me and Mark have had a dispute today. It’s not a fight, but rather a difference of opinion. When we move into the house, properly, I said I wanted to have a moving-in-party. That made Mark groan and say “let’s not”. I think that he objects to the fact that if he wants to leave, he can’t if we have it at our house.

I think that for once he should stay until the party is over, and that it would be nice if we did something like that. Besides, none of us wants a party that stops at 6am in the morning, and leave the house in utter disarray.


rabbitI’ve had Ben and Abbie over for a shared project we’re doing in school, and it is so strange at times. I want to ask Abbie about things, and then I have to weigh my words ever so carefully, because the last thing I want is for Abbie to think I’m outing him to Ben.

The thing is, I have my suspicions about Ben too, but I’ve consigned those suspicions to the “the gay guy’s wish that the decent straight bloke is gay too”. Obviously, Ben has no trouble about being around gay people, or he’d be a wreck when visiting my house.

Abbie and Ben are fun. They’re obviously friends, but they’re so different. Abbie is the neurotic reed thin closet case, and Ben is the barrel-shaped muscle-hunk that can drop a free-verse like he drops a sock.

If Abbie is Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh, with an added neurosis about being gay, then Ben is a reversed Eeyore, psychologically speaking.


bridgetostarsProven_GuiltyBen and Abbie are gone now, and Mark has parked himself in front of the telly. I have a bunch of books I want to read. I’ve wanted to get into Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden files” for the longest time, and I think it’s time now.

To just read something for fun, rather than to read something for school. What an strange concept.

I have “Proven guilty” from that series. I also have “A bridge to the Stars” and “Shadows in the Twilight” by Henning Mankell.

So, I’m going to sink into the world of books for the rest of the evening, I think, and forget all about revision and school and the fact that it’s just a month until my AS sittings. Argh.