Bullying-in-our-childrenThe only time that I know about where real bullying happened in my school, it was two girls against an overweight girl in the drama-faculty. They expelled the girl who lead the bullying and gave the other girl a month-long suspension. Since then, there’s not been any actual bullying that I know of.

Here I define bullying as harassment against a specific person over a period of time, rather than the usual flare ups that happen between teens everywhere. Conflicts between two people aren’t necessarily bullying, not even if it includes cruel taunts and raised fists. If you banned drama-queening, my school would be utterly empty. Among the first ones to get tossed out would be yours truly.

I keep reading that homophobic bullying is quite endemic in British schools. I’ve not seen that aspect myself. Last time I went to an English school I was indeed bullied, but it was not because I was gay. I was overweight. Much like the girl in the drama-faculty. I suspect that the lack of bullying is because this is a college, and not a normal sixth form school – one attached to a secondary school.

Still, now the charity Stonewall is doing a study here in the UK about LGBT bullying, and it’s going to present its findings at a conference on bullying in July. “The School Report” is based on results taken from 6400 lesbian, gay and bisexual people. It is going to be interesting to hear what the results are.


theresa_may_clappingIn another news from the UK the Home Secretary Theresa May has come out in favour of same-sex marriage by joining the campaign Out4marriage, which means she throws her personal support behind it and not just the support that comes from the fact that it is government policy to introduce same-sex marriage.

Together with the governments decision to allow a free vote on the subject, same-sex marriage in the UK now looks certain unless Labour use the question to embarrass the sitting government.

With Labour, the liberal democrats, the government ministers, and the pro-same-sex marriage conservative backbenchers, Britain looks certain to join the select club of countries that allow for same sex marriage.

Something that of course appeal to me because when it is time for me and Mark to walk the aisle, I hope we do it as a married couple, and not as Civil Partners. It is a bit of a tongue-twister to introduce Mark as my ‘registered civil partner’ instead of as ‘my husband’.


pic_civil_partnershipsMe and Mark has also set a tentative date for our nuptials. On August 16 2013 we hope to do the ceremony ourselves. We decided this the other day when we had that ‘serious talk’. On the anniversary day of our first meeting, we’ll get married. Since it’s a Friday, and in the middle of summer, it will be a good day. Right?

I don’t think we’ll have same sex marriage in this country at that time, but still. When I told auntie she insisted on hosting the ceremony, and would hear of any objections. Mark’s mum suggested that Mark wear her bridal gown. “You’d look so lovely in it, sweetie”, she said. That turned Mark flush red. The truth is, he would look lovely in it. 😀

Mum told me to think about it, really think about it, and that she would support us. She also thought we were too young, and that we should focus on University.