Madness with “Our House” is a suitable theme music for this post. 🙂



emptyHouseAfter yesterday the upper part of the house is cavernously empty. The moving vans will return at seven this morning, which is why we’re up, and get the last dozens of boxes. The furniture that is leaving the house is in Wiltshire by now. Mark’s dad rang yesterday to say they had arrived.

I’m pretty glad we didn’t have to help carry all that. The moving guys – there were three of them – deftly moved everything quickly and efficiently, and could even spend ages drinking tea with Mark’s mum. I think that we would only have been in the way, and it would have taken a lot longer to move all the things.

This morning Mark’s mum said that she wouldn’t wait until Tuesday with going over the Wiltshire. She’d be doing it today. So we get the house keys this afternoon, and after that we’re free to move our stuff up into the main part of the house.


comfybedI can’t tell you how glad I will be when I sleep in a bed again. This sleeping on mattresses on the floor is not a hit. It’s like sleeping on boards. The floor stiffens the mattresses, and grow a sheen of board on them.

Mark’s parents have left us a fair load of furniture, including their bed. It was funny how the moving guys started to lift something yesterday, and then Mark’s mum came and told them to put it back because it wasn’t going.

They’re going to celebrate their new house by decorating it with new stuff, they say. They dump their unwanted stuff on us. I don’t actually mind. The bed is quite all right, and it’s huge. The only thing that’s going to be strange is to sleep in Mark’s parents bed.

There will be a problem because Mark’s parents have let Watson and Lady sleep in that bed at night, and if there is something I refuse to have in bed it’s a slobbering dog. They didn’t sleep with us over at Auntie’s, and they won’t start doing that now.


asthmaMark’s asthma played up a bit yesterday. Usually he takes some sort of steroids that let him breathe normally for most of the day, and then he uses the inhaler for emergencies. Yesterday he did have to keep the inhaler near-by.

I don’t know if it was because of the moving or not. I hope that gets settled quickly, and that it isn’t the house that give him the trouble.

Maybe it is because we’ve slept close to the floor in these cramped quarters that have set him off. Once we can sleep in the real bed again, I hope that this will pass. He grew up in this house, and it shouldn’t trigger him. Right?


We won’t have a Sunday dinner today, like we usually have, because the house is a mess even without the stuff. But Auntie is coming over later with things that she has cooked. I suppose that those dinners are history, now that Mark’s parents live all the way over in Wiltshire. I don’t think they’ll drive 50 miles just for some food.

Knowing that actually makes me a bit sad. They’ve been nice. I think everyone has looked forward to them. I know Auntie has, and she and Mark’s mum have become great friends that give each other a ring often.

Sometimes I think Auntie is a bit lonely, and sometimes I think she should try to date people, but since she doesn’t the dinners have been nice for her. She has all these people she knows all over the place, but I don’t think she’s really close to anyone.


By the time we get back to school for hell-week for me, things should have settled quite nicely, and the whole moving thing will be over and done. We will wake up tomorrow morning with our own house. Our first house together. Ever since Mark’s mum said it, I can’t stop hugging him, and he can’t stop grinning all the time. Yeah, we look forward to it. Like you wouldn’t believe.

Our house.

I’ve asked him if he objects to his parents moving so far away, but he doesn’t seem to mind that much. With the car, he can always drive over if there’s a real need. It’s not like they’re moving to Scotland. But, unlike me he doesn’t have aunties or uncles that live here.

And, like he says, he moved out when he moved in with me. It’s back to us now. Mark and Colin vs. The World. We’ll try not to make it like a bad Scott Pilgrim movie.