Last evening we’ve had a reverse yard sale. People didn’t cart off things we don’t need, but brought stuff they don’t need to us instead. This could of course have been an epic disaster, and it could have been a clash of styles like nothing seen before. Alas, we didn’t get an aphid green side table.

green-plaid-sofaWe did however end up with a 1970s orange-brown and dark-brown chequered cloth sofa from Auntie’s garage that make me want to scream when I enter the lounge. I have decided to call the sofa ‘Cousin It’ like the creature in the Addams Family movie. When Watson and Lady have finished with it, it will have the same amount of hair.

For now we have tossed a green, not aphid green, sheet over the sofa. Yes, I still want to scream, because I know what’s beneath the green sheet. If it was ever exposed to the public, I would die of shame for having such awful taste.

couchpotatoIn addition to the sofa, we got two sofa tables, four more kitchen chairs, one set of IKEA wardrobes and a large bookshelf. And, ta-ram, we got a telly from Auntie’s garage as well. A 32” thing which Auntie owned a few years ago. Mark is happy again, the telly slave that he is. He celebrated with a huge sigh as he eased down in the sofa yesterday and stuck on a footie game. I just threw my hands into the air, and then went and read a book in the huge, gigantic, seven by eight feet bed we have now.

The bed has some sort of weird controls in it that let you bend the mattress into different shapes. It was fun to do for about ten minutes, until all the bed-sheets and blankets piled on me, and I lay there with one foot sticking out in the air over the side of the bed, and with another stuck over the hump in the middle of the bed, and the rest of me was a twisted thing below blankets, pillows and bed-sheets.


crashedoutMy week is about to end, and tomorrow there is no tests, and no revision, and no preparations. I’ve aced my exams tests, but the proof won’t come until the results are released. But I know I aced them as far as knowledge goes. The rest will be decided on whether they like my style.

Thanks to fortuitous planning, the Queen has her diamond jubilee next Tuesday, and since the 4th of June is a regularly scheduled bank holiday, it means that we’ll get Monday and Tuesday off. So, two and a half days of school, and just one remaining test. I see the end of the tunnel, and there’s a big shiny light. What is that rumbling? Why is the light moving toward me?

We’re going to take it easy this weekend, forget about everything and just lounge about and recharge the batteries. Expect to see more posts here! And I’m sorry I’ve not responded to some of your comments. I haven’t actually ignored you – I’ve just been careful to not get sucked into the Internet.