frankenstein-colin-clifeMy super-secret summer project is a bit of a departure from me. You could describe that departure as one into pure madness, but when is art not mad? When has art ever been rational and considered? So, I have added the project to my to-do list this summer.

While the man of my life works his fingers to the bone, I’m going to make a movie based on a script I’ve written. The script is about 10-15 pages, so the movie will be about 10-15 minutes.

And I will do it all by myself. That is where the madness resides because even a quick glance at the needs and requirements of this project tells me that I need to learn a lot of things before I can do a thing.

First of all, and I’m doing that now, I need to learn a program called Blender. I’ve actually, secretly and that, set up another blog that details my foray into the program. Sorry, I didn’t have any imagination for the name, so it’s simply called Blenderology. It will be a lot less updated than this one, and will be much more serious and focused. For most, it will probably be pretty boring.

In that program I will build my world, animate, and create the movie. In addition, I need to add sound – but for that I’ll use Audacity. Thirdly, I need a cast, and I’ve found already prepared models for that. I mean computer graphic models, not people from Karl Lagerfeld’s runways.

So, in addition to finishing my novel, that’s what I’ll be doing this summer. When I’m done I should have a much wider creative base – both visually and creatively. And for that alone, the crazy creative detour is well worth it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to scrounge around my dingy creations, howling “It’s alive! Alive!” at the moon?