mrPizzaFaceMy days are defined by hair these days. I had to remove the cover on the sofa because it had nearly grown a fur; in my project I try to learn the secrets of hair; and I have to buy a new razor because suddenly my acne is being replaced by carpet.

Instead of being Procter & Gamble’s biggest customer of their Clearasil, I only shaved three days ago. Now I’ll have to feed Wilkinson & Sword my hard earned currency. Oh my god, I’m going to become a chimp eventually. You’ll know me by the foot long fur all over.

And Mark didn’t get me any when he drove off to do some shopping – but he did remember to buy crisps and that. I hate him. He doesn’t have half my acne, but can eat all that. It will be Mr Pizza-face with Mr Blobby in a few years with that diet.


darthvaderRight. Yesterday morning made me think. After Mark had thrown up his hands and abdicated “my weird family” to my care. Or as he put it, “is this one of them panic things is it?”

I think I was mostly angry because it was so out of the blue. We’re not the closest family, but apart from me we’ve never really been secretive with each other. Not about important stuff, like my dad possibly having cancer, and going about all that alone.

We often disagree but I don’t actually hate the guy, and I think that if he really needed me I’d be there for him. Even if it was just in thought from thousands of miles away. Keeping that kind of thing secret is out of character.

When we go to Sweden, I’m going to make a point to go there and spend a day or two with him. Try to get on an even keel with him. Mum told me that she had given him a ring about it, and I’m glad that she did. I don’t think they hate each other. I just don’t think they love each other, and that this is why they got a divorce. Not that they couldn’t stand the sight of one another.


kitten-puppy-sleep-together-kawai-photo-1Mark has dragged home a half-grown kitten that he found injured, and he’s been on the phone with his mum to learn how to care for it. He’s going to a vet at the shelter that Mark’s mum volunteered for with it, and the vet will give it antibiotics and dress the wounds.

It looks so pitiful in the little box, and even Watson has made a point to go there and sniff it. It mostly just lies still, and didn’t even try to claw Watson when he sniffed it. My man has the biggest heart ever, to be honest. I love him so much.

The owners – the kitten was collared – will be over tomorrow or the day after to fetch it. It’s been missing for four days after it ran away.