The man lying next to me, snoring, is the best ever, to be freaking honest. I haven’t written a “Oh my god he’s so gawjuss”-post in ages, so now it’s time, because he totally deserve it.

It is clear that the current government in this country is pretty anti-youth. Right now they’re planning to slash housing support for unemployed youth. So, if you’re out of a job, then not only do you get a pitiful job-seeker’s allowance, which you can’t live on while you look for new work, but now you also have to kiss your home good-bye because the Tories will remove the housing support for our demographic.

The economic gap between young and old has widened significantly over the past four years, according to new research that suggests young people have already borne the brunt of the UK’s economic crisis and subsequent government cuts.

The findings will fuel the row over the prime minister’s explicit promise to shield pensioners from government spending cuts while targeting particular welfare cuts on the young. David Cameron included a plan to cut housing benefit to the majority of under-25s in the welfare reforms he announced on Monday.

So, today one of these toadies came over to our house to try and spread the gospel of the Dursley-clones, and Mark invited him in, and then utterly trounced the poor bloke (verbally). I mean, I’ve never seen Mark use his intelligence like that – to ask and ask and ask questions, and then tying the poor party hack up into little logical knots that nearly made him cry as he headed toward the exit to escape.

Maybe that’s a very negative way to use your intelligence. I don’t know. But the thing about Mark is that he remembers what you said fifteen minutes ago, and when you contradict yourself, he’s going to ask about the contradiction, and press you on it. This bloke was going on about the EU and lazy yobs and benefit scroungers and all that, and Mark slaughtered him logically.

It was kind of scary to see, but it was also awesome, because even I could see the man trip up. I suspect he came here expecting the usual political sheep that are already half-convinced – like most of the Little Englanders in this town. He almost fled after a while, and his aide just grinned as they left.

I love Mark so much, and it’s things like this that make me also adore him. I hope I’ll never be the focus of an examination like that, because I could never withstand it. But that should teach the buggers down at the Tories that just because we live here doesn’t mean we’ll lap up their most lazy hackery.

Now he’s sleeping so soundly, and he is so beautiful when he sleeps. The way the eyes move behind the lids, and his deep breathing. It makes me choke up.

My man is the most awesomest ever.