You should not wear skinnies when you carry luggage, although the obvious consequences of such a decision isn’t something I would complain about from this angle. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on point of view) nothing happened. It did mean that someone walked like a crab to the car.

Today we drove from Stockholm back to the town where mum lives, and we’ve been unpacking stuff here for a couple of hours, and will probably take it easy today. Maybe I’ll drag Mark around the old haunts, or not. We’ll see.

Dad also came down to meet us, and we had a nice early dinner. Of course Dad headed off soon to do some stuff at the HQ there in the city, and so it was me mum and Mark that drove back. We’ve rented a place for the time we’re going to stay here, and we’ll be able to borrow a car because we’re going to need one. It’s outside town, and there are no buses that go into town.


cottageThe cottage is near a farm, and there are cows that moo not far from here, but will do for now. At least my worry that it would have narrow bunk beds didn’t come true. It is in fact quite okay – cramped, but with everything we could need.

There’s WiFi, so my internet won’t be suffering. I shall try not to download something too explicit, or the hulking teenager that live in the main house might have to explain a thing or two to his parents.

We wouldn’t want that, would we? Although he seemed fairly taciturn, he didn’t seem unfriendly, although I’m positive he’s figured out what kind of people are going to be living in their little cottage for the next six weeks.


The car we’ll borrow is mum’s. She’s going to loan a company car for now. It seems twice as big as our car, so I hope Mark can handle it properly. I also hope he doesn’t fall into habits and try to drive on the left side. Or chose wrong in a turnabout. It would be an inglorious end if we were killed in traffic on our first days here.

When we get the car, we’re going to have to drive somewhere and do some shopping, and stock up on food and things. We haven’t a bite to eat in the entire house.