barbecueI suppose that if I were a cat, I would be purring loudly. Particularly since I’m writing this on the little porch, in the sunshine, with three shirtless men working the field next to the cottage, and with Mark collapsed only wearing shorts on a towel right below the porch. Ah, the sweet life, eh?

We’re a bit lazy today, since yesterday was a late-nighter. Mum came over with food, just to spend some time with us before the serious business start next week. We won’t be seeing much of her because she has to write research papers and get them published. The down-side to working in science is that you have to use your spare time to get published in science magazines.

Anyway, after a while, the teenager whose name is Ola and who live next us in the main house biked past twice and looked so lonely and abandoned and longing… so we invited him in. An hour later the teenager’s mum and dad came over. Mum knows the woman in the main house a little. They have a mutual friend, and it was through that mutual friend that we got this cottage. Ostensibly they came over to check where Ola had gone to, but yeah right.

Still, it was just a magical evening, even if both sets of parents had to perform what I call the “parental suitability display” in order to establish in front of each other that they’re good parents, and they don’t let us run wild, so in turns both me and Mark and Ola had to listen to lectures about responsibility. Not to mention retellings of episodes when neither me nor Ola had been particularly responsible. Only Mark escaped the embarrassing stories because his parents weren’t here.

So, it turned out to be a big barbecue in the end, with six people there. Don’t ask me to explain how this private little get-together turned into a partyish thing that ended at half past one in the morning. Me and Mark didn’t go to bed until three am or something, and it was just an amazing evening.


blog-commentI do notice you lot in the comment field, and I’m really not ignoring you. If you feel put off by my lack of response, all I can say is that I’m rarely online. When I write these posts, I use an off-line writer, and I just press a button.

I do, really do, appreciate your comments and I will get back to responding to them, and I don’t want you to feel like I’m ignoring you. I’m not. I’m just on vacation for about a week now. A real one, and not just sitting at home struggling to think of things to do. 🙂

Next week I should have a lot more time to spend on the internet since Mark will work full time every day of the week for a month, with only the weekends off. I’m going to spend most of that time finishing my novel and trying to get a load of my short film finished, but I will also be more connected.


skogenTomorrow I’m unlikely to be anywhere near a computer because me and Mark are going into the deep forest, far beyond any mobile phone coverage and wifi access. We’re going to try to find ourselves some Moose. With a bit of luck, we’ll also see brown bears. We’re heading up to Värmland with Maria for a day or two.

We’re even bringing tents so it should be quite rustic living. We’re going to spend the night in a camp up there, and then take a tour with a guide through the forests. It’s going to be so awesome.

Hopefully these city boys won’t lose track of the guide and get lost and spend the next ten years wandering through the endless forests, emerging to civilisation at thirty and with huge beards and dressed in animal skins.