The Labour party had an interesting position regarding the reform of the House of Lords in the UK. As the only western nation with clerics and the aristocracy in control of a parliamentary assembly with real power, one would think that a nominally socialist party like Labour would be at the forefront of its disbanding.

The curious thing with Labour in the UK is that they chose not to do such a thing, but rather to scupper the reforms through a technicality. In essence Labour wants the Lords reformed, but when presented with an opportunity to do so they decided to play politics and give the sitting government a kicking instead.

That leaves me with a larger question around the much more controversial question of same sex marriage that will be introduced by this government later. The ability to create a lot more confusion and hurt for the government than this Lords reform may make Labour forget its commitment to the issue.

They have already shown that they are willing to abandon their stances to play political games so that the sitting government is embarrassed and disrupted.

Half a year ago I was pretty much convinced that the UK would join the rest of the civilised world by introducing same-sex marriages. Now… I’m not at all certain. If Labour chose to trip up the government on a relatively simple question like the Lords, then they would most assuredly have a field day when it comes to LGBT-rights.