Mark came in at about eleven PM last evening, and then we had a long talk, and I managed to wheedle his conflicting thoughts out of him. To be perfectly honest, his thinking made me angry – but it was not the place to show it, so I bottled it up. I’m not very good at hiding my emotions, so he of course sensed that something was wrong.

Anyway, what I managed to drag out of him was doubt that they’d see anything special in him after just a week, so this whole thing must be something that mum had cooked up, and so he said he was annoyed with mum. He didn’t want that kind of “help”. He wanted to do this on his own. So what he’s on about is that he thinks it’s some sort of conspiracy against him to give him something that he neither has earned or deserves. You can imagine my eye-rolling. He obviously doesn’t know mum at all.

So, today I’ve been on the phone with her, and I asked her point blank if she had put them up to it, and she denied it. She doesn’t do hiring. That’s something the HR department does. She can veto candidates that she thinks are unsuitable, but she has no role in looking for candidates. The company also have strict rules about separating family members from each other so that it doesn’t become a nepotist thing. And… after this winter’s mess with the car, which I whined a lot about, she wouldn’t do that anyway, even if it was allowed.

So, she’s coming over this evening to have a talk with Mark. Which should lead to some fireworks because Mum is not the cuddly and huggy kind of mum. She’s never been. She always have been rather blunt with me, and have no patience with my antics.


Today I was supposed to spend some time with my dad, but the usual thing that always happens with him happened. He has a new job as a CEO of some startup – so he went in to the job instead of spending it with me.

I should have known because that always happens. Last year, when we were supposed to go on vacation, he went down to the job for hours. On the day we were supposed to drive off on vacation.

He did give me a ring, and said we would do it tomorrow. Whatever. I guess I’ll see him when he shows up. I should have known better than to figure I ranked higher on his agenda than his stupid job.