Thunder-clouds here today, and I’m not being figurative. A lightning strike must have hit the cottage because I damn near became deaf from it. The rains were so bad that Mark had to stop the car and find shelter because he could barely see well enough to drive.

The windshield wipers weren’t enough to get rid of the rainfall. So, he gave me a ring from some place along the road and told me that he’d be late. He’s still not home, though, so the dinner I’ve made have cooled.


Mum gave me a ring as well, to tell me that she’d be over this evening with Maria – unless the rains were as bad as now. She’d bring snacks and wine! I’m living a tee-totaler existence and haven’t a thing in the house.

Swedes have “light beer” that they drink like soda, but it feels like such sacrilege to drink de-alcoholised beer. The light beer only have like 0.8% strength. So, the “light” has nothing to do with caloric content in this case.


I really haven’t much to report. It’s been a slow day, and apart from something I’ll get to, I’m sliding into an existence of writing and hanging about. I even think I’m getting used to the loneliness.

I don’t miss having people around me as much, and having things to do prevents me from starting to brood about things – thereby filling this blog with nightly existential wangsting. Or maybe I’m just happy for now.


I think I’ve miscalculated how much money we need, because after renting the cottage and buying enough food, we’re actually getting quite strapped for cash. Which means I’m facing the not so enjoyable possibility of having to ask my parents for money.

Mark isn’t paid until the end of next month, and it’s still weeks until I get my allowance, and it’s weeks until auntie will put the rent money into our accounts. More than likely I will have to go hat in hand to mum, or dad, and ask for an advance on the allowance.

I will go to mum. I just can’t face the lectures that asking dad would bring. That would be like inviting a six hour lesson in the responsible handling of money, followed by about six months worth of reminders and questions and accusations of being irresponsible.

With mum it will just be an hour long lecture, and one month of reminders. Oh humanity, always looking for the easiest route out of the messes she creates, eh?


The thing I was going to get to (mentioned above) is that I took a little break from writing and recorded a new song. With my economic worries I thought about doing some blues about poverty and hardship, but that would be overdoing it. But I still sang the blues.

Unfortunately, the only recording equipment I have is a gamer headset, and it shows in the quality. Sorry for that. But if you follow this link, you can hear the song.