lastday Today was Mark’s last day at the job, and when he came home his hands were full of presents that he’d got: from corporate pens and needles to half a cake. Yeah, they gave him a cake on the last day.

He was a little bit sad that it was over, so he’s been very huggy since he came home, and has talked about everything he’s been doing, and about the little mishaps and fun moments. It’s almost as if he’s mourning someone, in a way.

Now we have two days left in this cottage. We’re going to clean this cottage from top to bottom, starting now, and then we’ll continue tomorrow with whatever is left to do. This so we don’t have to stress about it tomorrow. We’ve already packed most things. Tomorrow mum and dad come over for dinner too, to say good-bye, and then on Sunday mum will drive us to the airport, and she’ll have her car back.


YOUNG-LOVE-SWING-SMOOTCH Ola and his girl was over here too, and I didn’t say that I’d seen them yesterday out in the rain. Some things are best to be kept private, after all, and it would feel like someone had intruded if you talked about it.

I know that I would be bothered if someone started to talk about me and Mark in a moment like this when us two was the only people in the world, at least in such a moment.

I’m glad they obviously love each other, even if they are a bit of an odd couple with him being so much larger than her. I’ve become good mates with Ola over these last weeks, and we’ve exchanged contact details.

I hope we stay in touch, so we don’t become like so many other people – that we swear to stay in contact, and then three weeks later we don’t think about each other at all anymore.


I spent most of the day just reading, and hardly touched my book. I think I wrote a hundred words before deciding that today I needed a rest from it. I nearly finished the book I mentioned yesterday, and have already ordered the sequel off Amazon.

The book won’t arrive until I come home though, as it will be sent there. I decided to splurge a bit because we’ve had a good month economically. There are probably dozens of bills when we come home that will whack that fortune down to size, and our itchy spending fingers will probably make us eat dry macaroni at the end of next month.

But, however and such, Mark’s little LGBT club at his school is arranging a youth club next weekend, which will mean a lot of dancing queers somewhere in town at home, and considering Pink’s assertion that there will be a lot of half-naked people there, I almost feel like we should go. Or not. 😀

I’ve yet to go out like that with Mark, even if we’ve been together for a year. To private parties, yes, but not to a sort of club-like thing. First, Mark doesn’t like that kind of thing, but since he’s the cashier of the LGBT club he is going to have to go.