Scottish Catholic Church: Today we can save marriage from ‘subversion’ by gays –

The Catholic Church in Scotland has declared today ‘National Marriage Sunday’ and has this morning had a letter read out in 500 Catholic parishes condemning the Scottish government’s plans to legislate for equal same-sex marriage

The letter calls on the government to “place a special emphasis on the role of the family founded on marriage” and stress that “marriage is a unique lifelong union of a man and a woman”

In the message penned by Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland and the most senior Catholic in the UK restates his “deep disappointment that the Scottish government has decided to redefine marriage and legislate for same sex marriage.”

In pretty much one years time I’m going to walk with my man up the aisle, and we’re going to get married.

Cardinals, Bishops, or any other person better get out of my way.

If their god appear before me, and say it’s wrong, I will spit in gods face and kick his arse if he tries to stop me. I’ll tell god to kiss my arse, and push him out of my way.

In one year’s time, I will marry my man, and I will think a quiet thought: “Fuck you, Catholic Church”. I may even give it my finger. See if I won’t. Try me.