fail-dogfoodI don’t actually have much to say today. It has been really quiet after the party yesterday. I’ve spent the day reading and playing computer games, and I won’t stretch your patience with trying to make any of that sound interesting.

I did write a long essay about a question Mark put to me, about why I keep writing this blog, and it was supposed to have been published during the day when I was away to buy stuff, but it was never published.

Now I’m glad because it was just a rerun of something I posted about two weeks ago. There was nothing new in this one.

So, I’m starting to suffer from dementia already because I didn’t even think about that post while writing the new one. So, utter fail in maintaining standards on this blog.


skins partyThe party yesterday was fun. It was like seventy people cramped into one smallish hall down at Mark’s school, which made everything very crowded and intimate. Of course, the school had “hired” a bouncer that would fit in a movie about Neanderthals or Obese Neo-Nazis.

The bouncer prevented the party from sliding into legend, so it was mostly a sober affair with only half of the participants drunk at the end of it.

However the party did give me the chance to indulge in dancing to organ music. No, I don’t mean Bach’s Fugue as played in a church. I mean music that has a bass so deep that it shifts organs inside of your body.

Mark mostly spent the evening behind the counter selling crisps, candy and soft-drinks, and by the end of the evening they had nearly two hundred and fifty pounds in the tiller. Which is both good and not good. With the seventy people there, it means that each only spent £3-4 each. Cheap bastards. But it was more than the last party when they got in less than £100.


charlieintrovertAs queer parties go, I was a bit disappointed. No shirtless men sweating on the dance floor, no jaded drag-queens doing bad skits, and no half-nekkid boys up on stage wiggling their bottoms. I want my money back.

The contingent of lesbians kept to themselves, but I finally got to talk to some of our sisters in the struggle. Apart from my cousin and her girlfriend, I haven’t met any lesbians before. But like always, I’m always so bad at initiating conversations with strangers.

This is an introvert many of you may recognise, but he basically articulated excellently what it’s like. If you haven’t seen that guy, check out Charlie McDonnell on Youtube.


Speaking of the cousin, my other queer cousin is coming down from Scotland in a week. That’s going to be strange. Though, he’s in his mid-twenties so I doubt he’ll be interested in hanging with us, and will most likely be spending most of his time in London.

But he’s going to spend his nights at Aunties, and next Sunday Auntie is holding a dinner when he arrives. Me, Mark, my cousin and her girlfriend are invited. So, this means that 60 percent of the first cousins will be in one place, and every single one of them is queer.