Off to the GUM clinic
We’ve been off to the GUM clinic tests for exercises in awkward.

It is that time of year again. If we’re going to do our naughty things without special socks we had to go to the GUM clinic here in town and do The Tests today, like we did last year. The difference this time is that I knew now what a horrid and awkward experience it is, and certainly did not look forward to it.

Not that we suspect each other of any wrong-doing, but in one of those boring adult conversations we just decided to do it. Argh, I hate being responsible. It’s not like either of us has cheated on the other. We don’t have the time, and we’re far too lazy. Of us two, I know that I would be the most at risk for falling for temptation, and I certainly would never dream about throwing away what I have with Mark.

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being too reasonable, too “grown up” or whatever, and that you make decisions more to appear to be that, than actually wanting to do what you’ve elected to do? This day has been terribly awkward and disturbing with strangers sucking blood and sticking things into my bits.


Being energetic right?
The art of being energetic and active in the last week of summer…

So, that was one hell of a way to start this last week of freedom. I feel like we should do things, just to savour the last juice of summer, but if also feels like we’ve done a lot this summer. Mark just wants to spend the time lazing about after his summer job, and doesn’t really want to go anywhere or do anything elaborate.

The funny thing is that I found myself missing the cottage today. That is really weird and all, but we lived there for a month, and it was quite an intimate little domicile. I thought about the cottage after chatting a bit with Ola, which in itself was a strange thing.

Like, back in Sweden we were fairly open and friendly, but today we both seemed more guarded in what we said. I think it’s the last time we’ll do that, and it made me feel a bit awkward. Like Ola was just a summer friend that had nothing to do with our real lives, and now that we’re back home the reason to keep in touch isn’t there.


More pompous university twaddle, innit?

The same talk we had about doing the tests also brought some decisions about University. Mark and I decided to both apply to Cambridge, which brought a chuckle from Mark because he thinks it’s a bit silly for us to go to separate universities. It’s not like we’ll never get out of sight of each other in a big institution like that.

The reason for the decision is that the English faculties at both are probably comparable, but the science faculties are not. Cambridge probably does have an edge on sciences. Oxford is more geared toward the humanities. But Cambridge keeps abreast of Oxford in humanities, while keeping an edge in the sciences.

Another thing is… shared student accommodation. We’re going to save some money by living together, and not have separate accommodation in different towns. Or for that matter sit on the train each day for hours to go home.

In that strange way that these two Universities compete with each other fiercely, the Universities have become – in many ways – virtual clones of each other. One aspect of the shared features are the strange terms that they have. At both universities, there are three terms per year, and they are short. There are Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms. Each are just eight weeks long. Which means that for six months of the year we’ll be at home.

All this is of course dependent on if both actually get in, which is a slim possibility. But it’s better to prepare for the “worst” and that. Right? If just one of us gets in, or none of us, there’s nothing to prepare for the one that can remain here at home.

Now I just have to think of a brill personal statement that is going to bowl over jaded old professors that sit with thousands and thousands of applications from the absolutely best and brightest students in the whole wide world, from Lahore to Larnaca and Lima.

The local University is fairly decent though.