I and Mark watched television while we ate, and since we were too lazy to rise from our plates to go and switch channels, we could conclude that the media coverage of the US presidential election is an explosion in Stupid. We watched CNN do a rerun clip of the Paul Ryan speech, and Wolf Blitzer was going on about how impressive Ryan looked at the podium, and this from a program that claims to report serious news.

It’s no secret that the coverage of both the democrats and the republicans have, according to the sane and non-partisan voices in the media, deteriorated to the point of irrelevancy, which showed in the viewer figures of the GOP convention. This is the reason why news media is hurting. I’m more and more convinced of it. They’re failing economically because they are failing in their mission.

I certainly make no claim to understand the ins and outs of the US political system, but even I sat slack-jawed at the things that come out of both camps’ mouths, because things they say are objectively not true. While I’m moderately more in favour of the Democrats in this election, because it would be less of a disaster if the Democrats carried on than if the republicans came back, the Democrats are not exactly the champions of virtue.

For instance, today there were reports that the Democrats have finally and fully adopted the Bush torture regime when the Obama administration ceased the investigations into the CIA operatives that personally and savagely tortured and killed people. These were the most extreme that not even the Attorney General Eric Holden could sweep under the rug, so today he just pulled the plug on those investigations.

Andrew Sullivan laments that now the USA have no cause to feel moral outrage if people capture and torture their soldiers, and I have to admit that while torture is morally repugnant, the USA has lost its moral high ground on the matter, and have joined the ranks of Assad and Ahmadinejad in this matter.

Who weeps for the rule of law these days? Not the democrats or the republicans, even though their rhetoric is full of those big words and fine aphorisms about it. I still hope Obama wins in October, but you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t cheer particularly much. The taste of ash in my mouth is too strong for that.