The last day of freedom before I go back to school… and I want about eight weeks more! With all the things that have been going on, it hardly feels like we’ve had a summer at all. There should be more summer in summer, definitely.

But then again, isn’t every summer like that? At the start of it, you have this yawning gulf of free time that stretch out forever, but before you know it you’re counting the hours and the minutes of the last day before it officially ends, and you have to go back to school.

At least I don’t feel much like when I finished secondary school, when I was quite school fatigued. I think that the difference in going to an English school made things better; it was such a change that my school fatigue didn’t manifest itself.

And let’s face it, the subjects I study are interesting. If I had gone to school in Sweden I would have had to study a lot of mandatory subjects like math and that, even in the Swedish variant of Sixth form.


I did have one more day than Mark though since at seven this morning he crawled out of bed to go and do his administrative bit at his school, and then tomorrow it’s my turn for that.

Now I have about one month to fill out an application to University, and then by January I’ll know if I got in anywhere decent. And then I’ll have to work like a little bugger to make sure that I get the grades to meet the offer prerequisites.

Yeah, this year is going to be interesting…


We had a bit of a fight yesterday, so we’re both feeling a bit like the other is the most unfair and impossible person in the whole world. Hopefully that will pass by the time he gets home. Which should be in a couple of hours from writing this.

It was just a stupid thing, really, and it’s nothing to fuss about – but sometimes it feels like you can’t help yourself, and you need a bit of venting. Mark promised to do the laundry, but forgot about it, and then we were on. Now I’ll have to do what he was supposed to do, or we won’t have any clean socks and towels by tomorrow.

I know, it feels so domestic and petty and silly to argue about that, but there we are. I don’t want us to start neglecting things like that, which we easily could form a habit to do knowing both of us. It would mean that we’d have to do a lot more house keeping to fix the place in big old binges when the plates and cutlery evolved whole ecosystems.


I finished “The blade itself” yesterday evening, and I really liked it so I’ve ordered the sequel to it now, and will eagerly await the book in the mail any day now.

I need to curb my book buying. I know we had a good month economically, but it feels a bit wasteful to use all the money on books. So, this has to be the last book I buy for a while. I may have to try to go down to the town or school library and get books from there instead.

If it’s even possible, and I don’t know, I feel like I should try to get access to research libraries for my project. If I’m going to do my research project, I feel like I’m going to have to have access to at least facsimiles of original letters or work from there.

I should get a map of the research terrain as soon as possible, to just get a feel for what I should read, and what I can read, and what my limitations should be. Eighteen century literature goes from Romanticism at the start of it to Modernism at the end of it. It’s a vast field for a small dissertation like the one I have to do.