When Rolling Stones wanted to get out of a contract with a recording company, a contract that said that they still had to deliver a song, they sent in this one.

If you listen to it you can understand why the song was buried deep, DEEP, in the recording company’s vaults. The company also released Rolling Stone’s from the contract, because with this song they’d fulfilled their contract, and they might play this on stage while being attached to that recording company…

I have always loved a clever ‘fuck you’- gesture like that, as it appeals to my inner problem child. That may not speak well to my public persona that try to come across as at least somewhat clever and sophisticated, but there you have it.


The Stones-song has also played several times in my head today because there’s nothing quite like the chaos and annoyance of a first day back at school with all the administrative things one has to do, and the lugging around of books and notepads from room to room. Why haven’t people heard of automation? You log in, say you’re going to be there, and that is sent around – instead of having to appear in person.

Sometimes I wish I went to a state school where all you have to do is to fill in forms and tests, and everything is going to be about conquering a stupid test at the end of the year. It seems easier to do it that way, and the teachers leave you alone and don’t ask so many stupid questions about everything all the time.

But then again, this school is also about passing that end of the year test. The first thing the head master said when he welcomed us all back was that last year my school had a 100 percent pass rate on the A-levels, and that we had to repeat that next year. He didn’t add an ‘or else’ but he might as well have.

Sometimes that stupid pass rate seem to be all they care about around here. It’s what gives the staff the jollies when they can point to the league tables. Of course, our year can’t seem to be more stupid than the bovine herd that passed this spring, can we? They can play us so well…


The most important meeting of today was with my tutors and study councillor, and it’s down to business. I’ve had to explain my new project, and have had to fend off suggestions that I should continue with government and politics. As long as I can articulate a reason, they tend to leave me alone, but if I’m humming and hawing, they keep on asking stupid questions. This is where my internal record player supplied the posted song several times.

But seriously, you know, it was also good to be back to see all the people again: Abbie, Ben, the girls, and the teachers. My teachers might not have the patience of a gnat when it comes to accommodating us for any antics, but they’re some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and that’s possibly because of their lack of patience for antics.

The very first thing that Ben says to me when he laid eyes on me before our first class together was: “You owe me.” Nothing about ‘Welcome back, my friend, so good to see you.’ No inquiries about summer. No questions about me and Mark. He wants his drinks, and that’s it. I will have to feign ignorance, or have pistols at dawn.

Maybe this year I’ll also have better luck in finding a band than I did last year. One of the mates that I formed a band with back then isn’t among us anymore. He moved with his family to a new school up near Bristol, so I guess that means that this band will never be resurrected.


I still don’t know how hard they’ll run us this year, so my warning that my blogging here could see a sharp drop still stands. I won’t quit totally, of course, but it may go a day or two between posts.

Until I know for sure, things will go on as usual.