Does these stats mean that I have no life? 🙂

On the 9th, I will have operated this blog for five months. I started it on April 9th, and now on Sunday it’s going to be September 9th. In that time I’ve posted 288 posts, and you lot have commented 1498 times.

I feel thankful and blessed to have you lot as readers, and it rubs my ego quite a bit to know that you find my boring little life interesting enough to stick around for.

Since I started I’ve had 14,190 pagehits by the time of writing this, which means an average of 2838 pagehits per month.

I have to admit that sometimes I sit back and marvel at those numbers, and I do feel grateful. I don’t really know why people seem to find my little posts interesting, and maybe it will mean I become impossibly stuck-up and terrible in the end, but I appreaciate it nonetheless, even if I don’t say it so often.

When I started the forum thread elsewhere that was the genesis of this blog, and which drew quite a bit of interest, I didn’t know that people would be interested. I’m a quiet sort that is never the centre of attention for anything, and if you meet me in real life the term wall-flower would pop into your mind about me.

But still, I wanted to tell you about these things, and thank you for sticking around with me. It does mean a lot.