gayloveMark is beautiful, that is all. Regardless of what you may imagine about your own possible partners, objectively speaking, I have the best boyfriend and fiancé in the whole world.

I arrive at that conclusion from a totally objective and scientific and rational angle because I can just look at him and be weak in the knees. I also have to sit down, and possibly even put a pillow in my lap. Such biological responses can’t be explained by anything but science.

All empiricism says this because I observe, measure responses in me, formulate a hypothesis, and then decide on a theory of Mark-superiority based on the available data from those observations. And they all are conclusive, that Mark has a powerful effect of love on me. Therefore he is the best boyfriend slash fiancé in the world.


He has got into his pretty head that he has to be more fit, so he’s been doing sit-ups and stuff this morning, as well as lifting weight. This, as an aside, makes me feel a bit guilty because it’s a week since I went out running. Do I have to move? I only have to sit down again soon…

Still, I have to run this weekend, and make it a long run just to reacquaint me with the running paths I used before. Unfortunately, Mark is not a runner, so if he joins me it is more about stopping and waiting for him for hours to catch up than getting any efficient exercise. Oh, and next weekend he goes back to his brick-laying job.


Procrastination-LazinessHowever, right now I’m procrastinating on an essay by writing this instead, but I do think that I’m going to have to put the essay to the side for today. Well, what did you think? Of course my teachers would give me home-work the first thing they did.

It wasn’t “Hello, Colin, how nice to see you. How was your summer?” It was “Could you write an essay on one of these themes by Monday?” Hags and horrid horkers, the lot of them. I’m in no state to do any home-work right now.

So I have uninstalled and reinstalled Fallout New Vegas. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day shooting Cazadores – from afar because they’re a pest to kill when they’re close, as well as highly dangerous. Cazadores, you should know, is about the most annoying computer game monster imaginable. They’re angry, they’re fast, they’re flying, they’re wasps, they have poison, and they always travel in packs.


unreal-development-kit03I failed spectacularly as a movie-maker, and something I’ve been thinking about since I posted that blog entry about story telling in game is how to do it. To that end, I downloaded the Unreal Development Kit to have a look at it.

Unreal Development Kit includes the Unreal Engine, which is part of many top games of today. The best part is that as long as it is part of the UDK, the engine is free to use. It’s only if you start making money off the engine that you have to pay for a license.

Given that I don’t have any fiction project, this is something I can tinker with when I want to take my mind off things. I need an artistic outlet, or I’ll go mad, but a novel is just too big to take on now. This I can tinker with at leisure, and have no goals or deadlines to worry about.

So, I’ve been thinking that while I could not bridge the artistic gap of long animation sequences, I certainly could make low polygon models for an attempt at trying out computer game story telling. The difference is… I need to learn scripting, but if I look to my left, I can see an arm jutting out from our hideous sofa, holding a remote control aimed at the telly.

Mark is into coding and that sort of thing, and maybe I could convince him to give it a go. Either that or withhold sex until he relents and helps me with this…