So I woke up this morning and found someone sitting in the bed watching me. “I just love watching you sleep”, he says. I thought I was the creepy one that did that.

He had already fixed breakfast, but alas, he failed to carry it up to me on a tray. I’m outraged. What was he thinking? So I had to trudge downstairs to get my fix of tea and toast.

But it made me feel good, so the continued adventures of how Mr New-boy gets in trouble didn’t engage me as much today. Neither did it engage Mr- New-boy, because he was sullen and withdrawn most of the day.

I can’t say that I fee much sympathy for him. He got off on the wrong foot with us, and now he’s feeling lonely and excluded. It should teach him a lesson, or two. If he’s lucky.


In the news, it looks like they’ve found my favourite villain, Richard III, buried under a car park in Leicester. Of course, the villainy was more than likely just Tudor propaganda against one of their principal foes, but you’ve got to love the Shakespearean Richard anyway. He’s such a perfect villain.

Apparently his back deformation was not a lie, as the skeleton they’ve found did indeed have scoliosis – but scoliosis does not make you a hunchback. So, an exaggeration to increase the villainy of the Tudor lies.

It’s funny, though, to read the comments of the various news reports of the find. Several claim that Richard III was the last true king of England. Which makes me giggle as it is likely that Richard, as a Plantagenet, would have spoken French. He certainly had most of his DNA from Brittany, Normandy, etc.


My thoughts also go to the Americans down in Libya, their families, and their dependents now that I hear that those religious idiots have caused more deaths with their intransigence and zealotry.

Right now the West seems to descend into its usual paroxysms of blaming Muslims en masse for what the ilk of Terry Jones, Baptist pastor in Florida and the Salafist thugs in Libya and Egypt have cooked up together.

Isn’t this an illustration of the danger or religion, in itself? But, like I wrote before, the left seems to have forgotten its Marx. These days the left should be reverent to religion as a force, even though this kind of thing happens again and again and again.

One would hope that someone would resurrect Marx statement that “religion is an opiate for the people”. It can be comforting, yes, but in the end it is nearly universally bad.


I have bought all the ingredients of an all-mighty Paella that I’m going to cook this weekend when my in-laws arrive. Thanks to Pink for the recipe. They arrive on Saturday, when it’s my turn to cook, so it’s all on me for now. Of course, I can reasonably expect a certain someone to come around and taste the puttering pots, and then take over completely. I won’t mind. But on paper, I’m the chef for Saturday.

Now, I just have to think of a good wine to buy for that. Mark’s parents is staying over, and with Auntie’s basement flat empty again, they’re going to stay in that. I’m not sure there will be much sleep though. Auntie and Mark’s mum are sure to stay up late.