James Holden, “Nothing Mix2”

Thursdays are so sweet. I don’t start school until 11 am, and have free periods until then. Techically, I should be there from nine, but I don’t have to be, so I can sleep late on Thursdays.

I like sleeping late!

My dear husband to be is one of those odd people that can bounce out of bed at six in the morning, and do vigorous callisthenics before he’s even had tea.

I’m not like that.

I am the type of person that is late to bed, and have to struggle to get up. And who growl and snap at people if they try to come near before I’ve woken up. Mark complains that other people get sleeping beauties, but he’s saddled with a sleeping beastie.

So, anyone that invents automatic eye-openers will get a huge hug from me. I’m reminded of this amazing video that I posted above, which I’m horribly jealous of because it is near perfect CGI.

I’m like that guy.



I have no hopes for my game, really. Realistically speaking. It is just a project to tinker with, and add a little something each day, or remove something another day. In a way that is sort of enjoyable, if I can make it clear what I mean.

A real effort for a game would be such a massive undertaking. If I think I can’t write another novel this year because it’s too much work, starting a serious project to do a team of twenty people’s jobs in a reasonable amount of time is madness.

So, that’s not why I tinker with this thing. I don’t hope that there will be a Skyrim at the end of it. But it does take my mind off things.

Do you find that you need something that is maybe both difficult and consuming that will allow you to zone out? And you want to zone out because when you zone in again you feel refreshed, as if you’ve had a shower? It’s such an odd feeling. It’s invigorating to satisfy ones curiosity like that; just to take something like ‘how does a computer game story work, really?’ and then spend a little time now and then exploring that question.


We have decided that we want a big wedding. Lots of guests. Auntie is in on that too – at least she said so when she was here today. She still wants us to do it together with my cousin, because two weddings would kill her.

But mum says she’ll kill her anyway if she tries to pay for anything, because that’s her job. I love having parents fight over who is going to pay for really expensive parties for me and Mark.

We still haven’t decided if we want it in Sweden or here. Symbolically, for us two, it would be better in Sweden. Practically, it would of course be a lot easier here where most of the people we know are located.

This is the kind of talk that trying to watch a whole season of Buffy brings out in us. Someone on the telly runs around killing vampires? We have wedding talk. Our life sometimes feels like an episode of Friends. Or Seinfeld. Or a mash-up of those two. Can you imagine George Constanza living with Chandler and Joey?


As you can tell, I don’t have anything to say today, which is why I’m rambling. Sorry, I’ll stop. 🙂