depressed teen maleA glum Stephen was on the phone this morning when I rang him to haul his arse over here. He had been grounded by his parents. He was not allowed out this whole weekend except on accompanied visits, and the reason for this was that he had come home yesterday furiously drunk, and had fallen asleep in front of the telly where his sad state could be witnessed by all the next morning.

It struck me then – I am doing this teenager thing completely wrong. My friends go out there and get drunk and have fun and get grounded.

They do this thing called teenage rebellion. I sit here like a mini version of my dad doing the balances, and clipping coupons. I fail so much at being a teenager.




Paella 2Mark’s parents are here now, and Mark is cooking. Yes, he did take over. I’m glad that he did since that means that the Paella will actually be really good, but he’s doing the dishes later because he still can’t seem to boil eggs without using all the pots, pans, plates, and cutlery in the house.

Auntie came over with the wine, and she didn’t buy what she was supposed to. Instead of the Argentinian wine that dad had suggested we buy, she brought “Quinta de Saes Branco”, a Portuguese wine. I think this is the first time I’ll try a wine from there. I hope it’s good.


ryanromneyNow, while I’m not usually a great trumpet of politics, particularly the American kind which I feel that I’m not competent to discuss much anyway, I do know that while an Obama and a Romney administration in many ways would be identical, there is one stark difference between the two that LGBT people should keep in mind.

Yes, the wars would go on, the drones would keep on killing, the economy would keep on floundering, peaceful barbeques in the Islamic world would still need to keep an eye on the sky, and things like SOPA and PIPA would still be introduced, the concept of freedom would keep being undermined.

However, Obama does support LGBT while the both Romney and Ryan participates in conferences arranged by the virulently anti-gay organisation Family Research Council. Every LGBT person should keep this in mind when casting ballots.


GrimusI’ve been trying to be literary today, and I have given my best shot to Salman Rushdie’s first published book “Grimus”, and it makes no freaking sense. I almost feel stupid just reading the thing, because obviously the writer is much more clever and learned than I am.

He goes a long way to show me this by his constant use of allegory and symbolism that I don’t get. Or it could be that the book is quite awful. Since I’m not doing this teen thing right, by reading books like this, I guess I shan’t complain. Okay, I’ll reread Twilight.