mypoorbikeMy trusty old bike that have seen so much abuse over the last few years finally decided to protest by totally breaking down. The chain, the gears – it all seemed to happen at once. So, I have lovingly recreated my speed-machine this evening, so I feel like I’ve accomplished something very technical and that.

However, it reminded me that I need to start looking for a new beast of transport soon, and given that we now have a car, courtesy of Mark’s license, I have been considering going to lessons myself.

However number two, since neither of us would use the car to go to school, because you know petrol is really expensive and we couldn’t motivate using the precious drops for something so mundane as commuting a few kilometres, I would still have to get a new bike.

The bike I have is close to three years old, and have been speeding through two countries often on the completely wrong side of the law, because that’s the only way to bike. Too often I feel the need for speed, and bumps and obstacles along the way are just made to be jumped over. With the bike. Right?


GroundedForLifeStephen was supposed to have come over here this evening, but apparently his parents have decided that drunken vomiting over a £2000 lounge carpet is cause to extend the house arrest of the poor boy for another two weeks. Particularly since they feel that he is not contrite enough for their liking.

It is a very sad and bored Stephen that rings people and demand chats and generally have a note of panic and desperation in his voice. Whatever will he do for two weeks? I suggested that he sneak out of the house, but that would – according to him – only lead to another half a year’s grounding.

Maybe he’s right.


Like I said yesterday, I have an essay about Romanticism that I have to turn in on Wednesday, and I am having a bit of trouble finding sources for it. I am looking everywhere, but none of the sources say what I want them to say, so it may be that I’m totally wrong.

Of course, I couldn’t admit to that, so I continue searching, and that eats up the hours until I’m supposed to hand it in. Procrastination by sourcing? At least I could blame a late essay on that.

Speaking of school, we had another conference today about my university application. I have about two weeks until it should be ready. The deadline is October 15th, and I should have it ready a week before that. The worst bit is probably the personal statement that I have to write. Oddly enough, despite the evidence of this blog, I find it very hard to write something constructive and serious and interesting about myself.

It has to be professional, humble and assertive, confident but not arrogant, personal and yet business-like. And it has to detail what I want to do in University over the next four years, and what I want to get out of it. That is hard because my nebulous plans haven’t formulated any concrete stuff that would be good to put in the personal statement.