Old Lady Ruins Fresco, Claims Copyright, Demands Money | Techdirt.

Remember that sweet octogenarian lady in Spain who tried to restore a 19th-century fresco “Ecce Homo” and ended up producing something that the BBC’s Europe correspondent described as “a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic”? Remember how the poor woman had an anxiety attack as a result of the criticism she received, but that everything worked out fine when her work became an Internet meme, and sightseers started flocking to see it?

According to a story pointed out to us by @sinkdeep, that sweet octogenarian lady is back, accompanied now by her lawyers, claiming copyright on her work and demanding a cut of the takings from the collection box that the church authorities have placed near the fresco (original in Spanish.)

It would be fascinating to know where the idea came from: whether somebody suggested to her that she had a “right” to some of the church’s money, or whether the sense of entitlement — in this case for more or less ruining an admittedly minor work of art — is now so widespread that everyone, everywhere, naturally assumes they ought to get their cut as soon as money is involved. Either way, it’s a sad commentary on our times — and on what a belief in copyright can do to otherwise generous people.

I suppose I could raid the local churches here in town and find artwork “to improve”. I could use the cash. 😀