I am your intellectual superior. Yes, bow your heads to shield your eyes from the bright shine that burst from me like the sun between the heavy clouds on a rainy day. You should hope to reach half of my august level of awesomeness one day, and count that day as the peak of your little lives.


Okay, so I won a “competition” in school today, and I feel right good about myself because I finally beat Ben in a writing assignment, and that is so sweet that it is unbelievable. Yes, if I could, I would have a three day binge to celebrate that Olympic achievement.

I got a higher score than him on the essay about Romanticism that I did earlier.


It is strange how a day of the week can become so important. Like, it’s Friday today so at around noon you start to get this tingly feeling at the base of the stomach, and your eyes keep creeping toward the mobile’s clock. And you just hold your breath, and then it’s two o’clock pm and joy and happiness erupt because it’s finally weekend!

Then I came home, and Mark was home, and it was time to rip off the clothes and get down to serious stuff. Like putting on something more casual and then we vacuum the floors and wipe the surfaces and take out the rubbish to the bin.

I haven’t got a thing planned for this weekend, and it’s just the way I like it. No parents coming to visit, no auntie giving me a rough time, and no homework for the entire weekend. It’s time to resurrect my character in Skyrim I think. Or try and sneak Stephen out of his house so I can murder him in Left4Dead.


ScreenShot0004I have actually managed to do a few things with my own little game. Have a look here. I’ve found this professional game engine called CryEngine that actually give you access to the source code from the outset. And it looks gorgeous too. It was the engine in the game Crysis 2.

There are a few things to note. The picture to the left is from my documenting the creation of the environment. I’ve not made the gun (or the arm). The picture shows my environment before I put vegetation on it. So, there it’s a desert island. How does it look with vegetation?

It looks like awesome. It’s a jungle out there, folks, particularly on my island. I can’t take credit for modelling every single blade of grass and tree. Or any, as a matter of fact.  That is automated. My job is to fix the details; create huts, make roads, move one or two trees out of the way, clear a patch that’s overgrown with weed and grass and make a field. And so on.

I’m not ready to show this yet, so I won’t. 🙂 The key to making computer games is to both be intimately familiar to the player, and to be fresh. I hope my attempt at a sort of Island of Doctor Moreau, with Dinosaurs (in Space!) will amount to anything.