And after vegetation



So I finally sat down and did some work on my little aimless project, and I ended up creating a little paradise instead of the brooding, ominous and threatening place I had in mind. Think big trees, shadows, cobwebs, and nasty creatures lurking in the woods.

Again, I didn’t make the figure model. It was included in the game engine. I also didn’t model the trees and the grass – I just shaped the environment, set all the layers, made certain that all the parts of the land is reachable. Next I’m going to put a little fishing village in the location in the photos: docks, houses, a road that leads inland. And cats, pigs and people too.

I have a number of things I must change as things go on. But that’s just change. With this game engine, I won’t have to start from the bottom and work my way up. CryEngine is amazingly open and adaptable, and suits a holistic view that allow me to come at it from a position of ignorance to a large extent – unlike both Unity and Unreal Development Kit that demand a much more in-depth knowledge.

Those other two engine demand that you build from the ground up. CryEngine seem to allow you to chisel out your form from a set piece of material. I prefer this latter approach. It doesn’t feel so constricting, or for that matter despairing.


Engine can be found here.