I haven’t had one of these in a while, so I suppose that this was compensation, but Dad felt compelled to give me a ring and tell me to grow up and be responsible. So, he rings me from a hospital bed and give me a tell-off. I didn’t feel particularly keen to wish him well, and maybe the thought “I hope they forget something inside him so that he’ll develop a bad case of gas” popped into my mind.

The reason for the tell off is that I rang mum yesterday to tell her that we were going to Paris again. She didn’t mind. She even wanted me to pick up a few things for her there, and mail them to her. But apparently she told dad, and Dad wanted to give me his opinion about it.

Things are never going to change are they? Even when I’m forty-five and balding, he’ll give me a ring from the old people’s home and tell me to grow up and be responsible. Why can’t he ever see that I’m doing all right?

I want to break free.


I’m going to be alone next weekend. Not this one coming up, but the one coming up after that. Whatever am I going to do? Mark is heading over to Wiltshire with the car and he will be gone both Saturday and Sunday. However shall I manage? It will be the first time he’s away for any length of time since his parents forced him to sleep at home. That was a year ago.

Living on my own… how on earth shall I pass the time?

Auntie claims she will rescue me from the ordeal, and we’ll go down to Brighton and visit the cousin on Saturday, though. And the Scottish cousin will finally be here too! Maybe that weekend won’t be so bad. It will be like… three fifth of the cousins gathered into one place, and every single one of them is bent. I may have to think that the cream of the cousin crop is gathering in Brighton.


Religion. My school wants me to participate in a service; well the tutor wants me to go. My answer was a flat-out no. I don’t do that sort of thing for no reason. I mean, Mark wants our wedding service to be the full monty, and I can live with that, but I’m not going to start to accommodate some religious tossery just because my fricking school thinks that it would be nice.

I’m strengthening my nerves and my sinews with videos of atheists like Carl Sagan earlier, and reading about that Bill Nye case in the United States where Nye stated something that is a fact along the lines of “the earth is round”, and subsequently was accused of being Satan in disguise.

The most curious fact is not that Nye stated a fact, or that creationists are upset, but the deferential tone toward the creationists in the articles that report on the matter. It’s like… at least to me… that I can accept people who have delusions and wishful thinking, but there is no need to “respect” the delusion by playing along with it.

What Nye said was that “evolution is true”. He also went on to say that it was fine that parents believed the nonsense, but they shouldn’t expose their children to it. This because the USA needed science in the future, and children that weren’t educated in science weren’t going to be successful in the future.

Which is true.