My blog productivity s down, but I do have an excuse!

One reason my productivity regarding this blog has dropped is that soon it will be half-terms and I’m basically inundated with homework for the battery of tests that will take place before that happy day when we’re let out of here for a whole week.

For some happy reason my half-terms coincide with his half-terms this year, and his school follows the state school schedule for these things while my school tends not to. That is the benefit, or curse, of going to a non-state school.

These half-terms are nice. We didn’t have them in Sweden, so whenever they come around I’m pleasantly surprised that we get a week off when I’ve got into gear, and settled into the routine. Then bam, you’re let out for a whole week of nice relaxation. Of course, it will mean that you’ll have to restart the whole ‘getting into gear, settling into the routine’ again. But who is complaining?


School is out
Half-terms are nearly here. Just a few more weeks…

The half-terms start on October 29th and last until November 2nd. And on the 27th we’re off to Paris on our little trip. We’ll be back on the 29th though because two days is all what we can afford to pay for board. That’s about as far as my grades money will last us.

As for the rest of the week after Paris, Mark and I have given no thought as to what we are going to do during that week of freedom, and most likely we will just spend the time doing absolutely nothing; which is a fair way of spending one’s time too.

We could see it as relaxation after the adventure to Paris, of course. As if our excursion would ever be so filled with drama and excitement that we would need a whole week to get our bearings back…


Soon the day of reckoning is here…

I have completed my personal statement for university application now, and I think that it will be good – compared to examples I’ve seen on the net. Working more on it is only going to make it feel over-done. Like I said before, Mark and I have decided to apply to Cambridge, because it would be silly for us to go to different universities in different parts of the country.

I won’t know the answer until January or so, so it will be a tense few months until I hear back from them, but the best tactic is to apply and then to assume I didn’t get in. Aim high, and expect low.

The most likely scenario is, of course, that he’ll get in but that I won’t, so I’ve also started to investigate local things, to be ready at the time. The university in this part of the country is a decent one. University of Surrey is ranked 12th in the country, apparently, so it is certainly not a bad University.

That said, if I have to go to it to study English, my education will take between two and four years longer because I would need at least a Master’s from a “normal” university, while it would be sufficient with a Bachelor’s from Oxbridge. It would be a difference between continue to study because I want to continue, and continuing because I have to.

I might be totally wrecked by the end of the first four years, and never want to see the inside of a learning institution again. If I would still have to go on, it would be no fun. There is the matter of the terms too. At Oxbridge, you study two months at a time, and then you have two months off. Both Cambridge and Oxford have three terms per year, so you’d only study for six months, and would be at home the rest of the time.


I was thinking about all this when I was running earlier, and things feel good. Things feel like they’re ordered into a neat row, and just need a little push to start. Like one of those domino examples where you push one bit over, and that bit hits another bit, and in the end you have this controlled destruction of some pattern.