School is out for the weekend, finally!

School is out for the weekend now, finally, and two whole nice days of freedom looms ahead – freedom that I will spend alone because this is the weekend when Mark heads over to Wiltshire to spend some time with his parents. He will be gone Saturday and Sunday, and I will remain here at home, climbing the walls because this is the first time he’s been away for that long.

Auntie said that she would rescue me from this unnatural state of loneliness and boredom. At least she said so when this came up earlier. However, this was also the weekend my Scottish cousin was supposed to come. Since he came last weekend instead, the remedies to cure my boredom was spent then.

So, no visit to the cousin, no chatting with my Scottish relatives, and no dinner with the family. It looks like it is going to be me, myself and I here all alone with the dogs. I shall gather a lot of newspapers to stack up against the walls, and I shall invite cats from the neighbourhood. Loads of cats. Dozens of cats. Then I’ll shuffle around in nothing but my pyjamas.

If I am honest, though, I’m actually quite looking forward to it. It will be a little mini-vacation just for me. And I will be able to do An Art Project, like the game I am supposed to be working on. I will have two full days to delve into that, without considering other people, or the fact that Mark wants a hug too.

I am certain to miss Mark by three o’clock on Saturday, when the sudden space and freedom has worn off, and when I just need a big old hug. Now is the time to slap me in the back of my head and call me a sop. It is only two days. I will survive. If I keep busy, and have a lot of cold showers, I will do fine.

I. Will. Do. Fine.


slobbering dog
Dogs and table manners? Right….

The curious things with dogs is that they have such table manners. Watson, the dachshund, doesn’t eat out of the bowl. He spreads his dry food all over the corner where the food and water bowls are, and then I come in and step on one of the sharp little bits and stand there hopping on one foot while I give Watson a piece of my mind. Lady on the other hand is very careful to eat one bit at a time, and she chews each properly. Like a lady.

Watson sticks his whole head into the water bowl, so when he runs off there’s a trail of drops that have fallen from his moustache. Lady almost picks the water bowl up and drinks through straws. It is just weird how different the two dogs are when it comes to their table manners. At least Watson has stopped whining outside the door when he’s not allowed to sleep in our bed at night. Lady never made much of a fuss about that.

Next week they’ll be off on “an adventure” that will be popular… Mark is going to bring them down to the veterinarian at the shelter and have them the annual look-over. He’s also going to start his volunteering next week. I hope that goes all right, with his asthma and all, but he says that animals don’t tend to set him off, and he’s been down there a lot in earlier years.


Amarr Harbinger
My ship of choice in Eve; cheap, deadly, and expendable.

I have toyed with the idea of getting back into an MMO again, but I have to steel myself not to. Last time I did so, I spent hours each day playing, and that won’t do now. I have so many other things to do that are more important than checking on the guildies.

And besides, if I start to play WoW again maybe my future career will be ruined, like I wrote about this morning. That article made me laugh because the idea is so utterly ridiculous. You can’t have a political career because you played WoW?

Maybe I should hide the fact that I used to play Eve Online. How’s that for my leftistish credentials? I’ve thrived and enjoyed a social-darwinian world like Eve Online, where I’ve been one of the bad guys that prey on noobies and hard-working crafters.