We accept the love that we think we earn…

I think that’s the most profound thing I’ve ever read, and yet it seems so banal. Do you have this ever where you look at something that looks so cliché and simple and banal, and you realise the saying despite that, the saying has depths and width. And teeth.

Sometimes I write something, and then I have to go and sit and think about that for a while because I suddenly “got it”. Or I think I’ve got it, and spend the next few hours chasing a thought-rabbit down a hole that only leads to a blocked passage because I really don’t understand the underlying mechanisms. Or I just wallow a bit in that which I do suddenly “get”.

Not understanding frustrates me because I can see the shapes of something. It’s like Plato’s cave, and the shadows on the cave wall, and I can’t turn my head and see the true shape because I don’t know where to look, or how to look. Instead I pick at it, like a scab, and can’t let go.

Understanding something, on the other hand, is like someone turned on a light, and I can see everything; consequences and causes, side-tracks and overheads, and the dark cellars. I see all of space and time, the past present and the future. It’s a rush.

Ben wrote that line above. Not me. It was the title of a poem he has written; a poem that he gave to me to read today. He says he’s going to send it in to a youth competition.

I should have spent the time reading it, criticising it, analysing it, and let him know what I thought. Instead I’ve been thinking about that line, that title. It is so wide, deep, and it does have teeth. Even if it’s just a simple, banal line. But that is Ben for you; twisting the common into something totally unexpected and unseen.