Mark took the dark skies and the rain-clouds with him when he left this morning, so now it’s a bright and sunshiny day here, and I’m feeling eager and up about doing something. I’ve already run five miles this morning, and that didn’t cure me from my need for activity.

Stephen is away this weekend; which is code for “having his tongue stuck half-way down his new girl’s throat”. I got to meet her too, because I ran into them because my running path took me past Auntie’s house so that I could fetch something there.

I’m starting to see a pattern in Stephen’s conquests. His girls always have ample cushions in the front, and they have a more or less malleable personality that can be properly bowled over by Stephen’s expansive personality. Or, he likes his girls with big tits and weak minds. Is that a negative?

I wonder why he would want that. Do we seek partners that confirm our fears or our wishes? Is Stephen’s extreme social nature just a front to feel in control? I’ve thought this before. He doesn’t really control his own life. He’s studying what his dad wants him to study, while he himself wants something else. Even his attempt at rebellion against the parental diktat’s were for naught.

He has no real idea of what he wants to do, though. At least not anything that he can tell me. I’ve thought that Stephen would make an excellent concierge or conference boss. He can talk to everyone, and remember them six months later. He’s our walking go-to man for asking about people we meet. I think he would actually enjoy that. I just can’t see him sitting behind a desk for a living, doing accounts.

When Stephen was a dud, I gave a ring to Abbie, but Abbie has to meet some relatives from London today. They’re going there, and he sounded quite unhappy about it on the phone. “It’s gran,” he says. “She’s going to be all about Allah and that, and she’ll tell me to get married soon.”

So, Ben is coming over, and if I am correct he’ll be happy to get out of the house. The problem with Ben, of course, is that he doesn’t live in this town. He lives in another one, so it’s not as easy to just “pop over”. But the guarded tone, and the loud music in the background says that Ben will be all to happy to come over.

If I can drag the truth out of him, I’m going to let him sleep on the couch downstairs too. I’ll just have to ring Mark and ask if that’s all right with him. But it should be. We can have a movie evening here, just me and Ben. Then I can slaughter him in computer games.