This is the “Week of the Sofa Argument”. Okay, I wouldn’t call it argument. It is more of a battle of wills. I want a new sofa, and think we can get one fairly cheap, because ours is hideous and spoil the lounge. Mark thinks the sofa is really comfy and doesn’t want to get rid of it. I think you could get a sofa that is both comfortable and good looking.

Another problem, from my point of view, is that the sheet we have tossed over it to hide the hideousness is a hair magnet. Since Mark likes to have the dogs, and in particular Lady, with him in the sofa the sheet is covered in golden hairs after just a few days. It’s such a bitch to vacuum the sheet.

While even I recognise that the sofa-change is not very acute, and that it probably will happen after the new year, I’d like us to decide to get rid of it now. That would let me to look forward to the day when I can pull that monstrosity out into the garden and set it on fire, doing dark rituals to purge the ugly-demon that live inside it.


Tomorrow is an inset day! Which means that I have the day off because my teachers will take my place and go to class in order to learn how to be better teachers. Or they could perform dark rituals at midnight, dancing nude around a ceremonial pulpit, so that their dark powers of screwing up our poor student lives is increased.

Mark is envious of that, and there’s been more than one remark about how I get all the fun. His school doesn’t have an inset day until after the half-terms, which are coming up soon too! I have much free time to look forward to now.

So, tomorrow will be spent in the wonderful world of books and computer games, and I won’t even look at my text books. This is going to be such a good day that you wouldn’t believe. And there’s another inset day coming up on the 24th!

It will also allow me to pretend that my foot is more injured than it actually is. When I did my run today, I sprained my ankle, so that my walk is decidedly lop-sided at the moment. It was a good run though, and I ran for three miles. I like running in autumn when it’s not too warm. I only sprained my ankle when I stepped wrong on the edge of the pavement about a hundred yards from my house, on the way back.


Something slightly negative did happen today. Sometimes we manage to forget that we’re not just like any other couple, but that we indeed are a gay couple, and that some (many?) think that this is problematic.

Mostly people just ignore us while out on the town, but then now and again you notice someone that stands there watching with disapproval. That happened today; an elderly gentleman looked at us with such disapproval that we had to go past him three times holding hands, snuggling close to each other each time.

Each time we of course had to give each other ridiculous terms of endearment as we poured over the wares in the shelves. “Snookums, do you want green or red apples?”, “Dahling, do you like this yoghurt or that one?”, “Snugglebuns, I would die for some Lapsang, why don’t you fetch some, dear?” Sometimes, me and Mark are just horrible people, and bring disrepute to our generation, and banish all things that are decent and proper and traditional. We’re sorry.