tourist crap picture
No, I did emphatically not buy a tea pot in the shape of a phone box or Big Ben. It was not that bad. Well, what I did buy was not nearly as bad. Only a little bad, in a sort of fun-kitch kind of way.

It is amusing how fast the average student can develop an acute and debilitating respiratory problem that prevent him going to school, particularly if the said student’s partner is having an inset day. It will be equally miraculous to note how fast the debilitating disease is cured, and how it miraculously leaves no trace at eight am tomorrow morning when said stricken student is back at school.

Today we’ve been in London, and we only came home about an hour ago. Apart from looking at my android, it has been a day devoid of any internet, or for that matter anything else of what I was supposed to do today on this free day. Instead we’ve browsed the wares around London town, going from spot to spot with no aim or purpose except to enjoy the outing.

Like any true tourists we’ve bought things with London-motifs. Even though we only live an hour’s train ride outside London, we bought a towel with the English flag on it, and I bought a mug with Big Ben on it. We’re no different from Germans or Japanese, in other words, even if we only live in Surrey.

What remains of the day is to come down from the high of going somewhere and doing something fun and nice and different than sitting at home entertaining the little clique of friends. I suspect I won’t be sleeping for quite a while, although someone is happily snoring in the next room now without a trace of the terribly respiratory disease that kept him from school today…