hangoverWell, this turned into a bit of a hiatus on the blog. Sorry about that. I was partying yesterday, and today I have to pay the price for that, so I’m sitting here saying “woe is me”.

Usually I manage to stay on the right side of sobriety at these things, but yesterday there was dancing, and Mark looked hot, and it was fun, and there was music, and I had too much to drink. So did Mark.

Both of us woke up at like two pm, and the first thing I heard when I woke up was a groan, and I realised that it was me. Ugh. I’ll never drink again, I swear. Now I have to find juices, liquids, and ibuprofen to soothe the aether and restore the bodily humours from the vile airs.

I’ll try to think of something more interesting to write later, unless this state continues.