Mark just made this, a tall glass that looks like a caffe latte. While it may look like just another caffe latte from any Starbucks anywhere, this is a special sort of caffe latte that is actually really good. It makes me wonder if maybe I should start to drink more of this coffee thing. Or maybe it was the booze he put in it?

I can never tell with these things, except that it’s really really good. And it hit the spot perfectly after homework. The ingredients for it are simple enough. Coffee, milk, and Galliano.

When we were in Sweden during the summer, Mark bought a tin of this Lavazza coffee – an Italian sort that is sold there, and which is used for Espressos and Lattes in the local Starbuck-clones everywhere.

Brew that to double strength, and pour about two inches of it into a tall glass. Add about an inch of Galliano liqueur, and then steam milk and pour it in. Delicious.

UPDATE: Images doesn’t seem to be working for me, so I’ve removed them. I’ll try to add them back in later.