It is Friday! This weekend will hopefully not end up with us lying in bed moaning for the absolutely wrong reasons. I should have some time to write more fun things on this blog than drinks recipes too.

It is just that we both have so much homework now that it eats into everything, and we’re far more likely to sit opposite to each other hunched over books and notepads than do anything fun and exciting like we did the last weekend.

And to be honest, the moments we have when we’re not doing that is more likely spent doing things that have nothing to do with books or writing essays or papers or what-not – including long essays for this blog.

So if it feels like I’ve suddenly gone quiet, send me a thought as I’m likely bent over some book with a cramping right hand.


The lull that both of us expected after doing the University applications never happened, and if possible it’s even more to do now. Which we should have realised beforehand. There will be many tests before the half-terms in a few weeks.

Christ, a whole week of nothing to do sounds perfect now. I feel like I could really need that now, at this instant. But I suppose I must slog on for now. In November-December we can fret about whether we will be accepted anywhere as the replies to the applications drop in.

I’m steeling myself not to fall into the usual pit of self-deprecation about not getting in. I’ve done all I can now, and it is out of my hands, and that actually feels quite liberating. I’ll get back to the despair-thing in a month.

For now it’s Friday, and I have Mark, and Mark is beautiful and hot, and I feel happy and alive and eager to just be lazy this whole weekend.