These are the terms that brought people to my blog today. Notice a pattern?

Sometimes when I check my blog stats I wonder what sort of signals I broadcast through it, considering the strange search terms that bring people to my blog from the search engines.

I can not ever conceive of a time when I have touched anything remotely like the search terms apply. I am apathetic toward sports, and I’m English-Swedish so I haven’t gone to any High School. Yet, there it is on the top of my search terms today. For wrestling no less. Which I’ve even covered less than my High School experience.

The others just make my inch closer to my bed so that I can crawl under it and start to growl in case people come too close to me. Particularly from the images in my head that the search term “lord of the flies underwear” conjure up.

Mark sometimes says that I have too vivid an imagination. It is at times like this when I tend to agree with that, and wish I was just as dull as everyone else in this pit of mediocrity that we call life. 😀 Sometimes I think that my mind should drop down a gear or two. Or I’ll have to dip it in alcohol to cleanse it from the pollutants.