Mark has been annoyed with me today because he thinks that I keep on nagging him about the GP’s appointment tomorrow. I want him to go and have the asthma checked, and to see if he needs to do anything different. I don’t want any more phone calls to school to tell me that he’s been taken to hospital because of it.

He thinks that I’m totally overreacting and that since he’s the one that has it, he has a grip on it. But I don’t care, and I’m going to be the nagging spouse and remind him to go, because I don’t ever want to have that happen which happened.

Right now he’s doing the dishes too loudly, which means that he’s a bit upset with me, but for now he can be. I don’t always budge in our little altercations. My mum is right that I can be a stubborn little bugger – because sometimes it is totally appropriate to be that.


I was reading about the presidential race in the USA, and it seems funny that a month ago everyone said that Romney was unelectable and had written him off, but now he appears to be leading in the polls. Something that makes me despair because if I remember correctly there are a few supreme court justices that will retire during the next four years, and if Romney wins you’re looking at a situation where everything from that same-sex-marriage ban in California to the federal ban to abortion rights will come before the court.

The USA could take a step back in time, to the 1950s, when women had to visit back-alleys for abortions, often pressured by the same ‘defenders of the family’ to do so because children out of wedlock was a career killer. I’m sure that happens now too, but the difference would be that women’s health would be at risk.

Not to mention that the odious notions would pollute our conservatives over here, and give them the idea that social conservatism was a vote-getter. I’d readily see people like Nadine Dorries feel vindicated with the theocratic right winning in the USA.

So, dear US readers, what the hell are you thinking? Haven’t the Romney-brigades done enough damage? Why is a majority of you thinking about giving him the top political job?


But, in order to be fair, something that appalled me was that the DNC Chairman is apparently involved in a bit of Muslim bashing in Florida. I keep thinking about Abbie, my friend, who if he was living in the USA would be considered a terrorist by many. And then have Debbie Vasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the DNC, refuse to attend a meeting with him because he was a Muslim… that makes my stomach turn.


Sorry about getting political, but I have very little to say about myself today, because absolutely nothing has been going on. Apart from me nagging Mark to do the right thing tomorrow and go to the GP. So much for being more active on the blog this weekend…