This is going to be a very short update just to prove that I am in fact still alive. We’re in Paris now, and are settled into our little flat here – which is very nice. It is somehow such a hybrid of Mediterranean and Northern European.

We promised each other that we would spend a minimum amount of time directly online. Easier said than done when both of us are connected around the clock, except for when we’re sleeping. But I suppose that counts as connected too because our Android phones aren’t ever shut off.

So, now that we’re back in the flat for a few hours to clean up, wash away the dirt of the city, and trying to understand anything on the telly, I thought I’d just write this update. Today has been our window-browsing day, so we’ve moved around quite a bit. And of course, we ate French food. Nothing fancy, but good still.

This evening we’re going out to see the night-life, whatever there is for people our age. If only we were six months older, then we could go to the clubs. As it is now, we can’t even buy beer and wine to go with the food.