Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto, Joao Gilberto, “The girl from Ipanema”

You’re supposed to get into an argument on the trip, and not when you’ve come home from it – relieved to finally be able to sit down for five minutes without feeling guilty about paying all that money to go somewhere and then not do anything when there.

Today Mark and I have been sitting in opposite ends of the house, speaking in grunts and monosyllabic words. The reason for his dark mood is that he has lost his denim jacket. Auntie has thrown it away, because it had fallen into the dustbin in the kitchen from the back of a chair. When Auntie looked at it, she noticed that the hem along the back was all frayed, and so she thought we had thrown it away, and expedited its quick removal to the rubbish tip.

When I didn’t show the proper mourning for the beloved jacket, he grew annoyed with me. Truth to tell, I’ve nagged him to replace it for months now, ever since we came home from Sweden and the first loose threads showed on it. I may have let that indifference to the fate of the jacket show, and so he is cross with me. He even accused me of plotting its demise, so I’m cross with him back.

That’s where we stand now. I shall not yield. The monstrosity should finally be put to rest, and since I had nothing to do with its removal from here, I’m certainly not going to feel guilty about it, or even commiserate about it. No, way.


Surprisingly enough, I have been coding today. I have been following a tutorial on C# on the internet, and have written and expanded a little “Hello World” program so that it doesn’t only print the words “Hello world” on the screen, but it whistles and hoots when it does so.

This is due to my not-so-ambitious game project. Yes, I’m still working on it when I find the time, and have the inclination. The game engine I use have a derivative of C as a scripting language, and while I’m at it I thought I might do one better and actually try to learn the current iteration of C, which is C#.

I know, you’d recommend C++, but I don’t intend to make a living on this, so I don’t feel I need to know how to build a Ferrari from the tyre tracks and up. C# will be enough. What I need to do with C# is to amend the source code of the CryEngine in order to get to where I want on the little game project.

It’s not as ambitious as it sounds. I only need to understand a couple of classes, and I must know what I’m doing when I change them. Coding is actually almost a bit like writing. I managed to zone out from the hostilities with Mark, and a couple of hours had passed by without me thinking about that at all.


Joao, an online-friend that I’ve picked up during the last few weeks is a bit like me; a teen, a writer, and aiming for the toff universities in his country. Which is Brasil. He wants me to move to Brasil, because everyone is. He says half of Portugal seems to have moved there, and a third of the people in the local school he lives next to are Americans that have abandoned the “land of the free” for the liberty and opportunity of the BRIC.

I’m not sure if that’s true, but he claims that if I get a BA from Oxford, there would be no stopping me in Rio. I could get any job I wanted, even with an English lit degree. I could buy a house near Ipanema, have a fantastic paying job, and Mark could get work with the crazy expansion of the research industries that are going on.

Looking out the window, I’m almost tempted to start packing. I could be the boy from Ipanema, couldn’t I?