I’ve been working at my weekend job for most of the day, and when I came home I sat down to tinker with my game, again. Just to focus on something artistic, although I’m at the crossroads of maths and art since what I’m mostly doing is trying to apply mathematical formulas in order to represent art.

I can’t honestly say that anything worth mentioning has happened, but just so I don’t sit in a ball of silence while my head refocuses on the real world, here are a few screen shots from the game. The observant will notice that while I sang the praises of CryEngine in previous posts about it, I have settled for the more mundane Unity game engine now.

The reason is fairly simple. C++ was too much for me. It bested me. I could never get ahead. The effort to understand it outweighed the benefits I would derive from learning it. So, I went to Unity instead, and its much simpler C variant C#. And now I’m flying ahead.

Now I’m going to settle down and watch some mindless telly with Mark. There’s about five pounds of unhealthy crisps in the cupboard, and I aim to ensure that not a crumb survive this evening. I just have to decide which films I want to watch.