Filthy Thieving Bastards, “That’s life”

I don’t usually go to school by bus. I try to go by bike, and it has become part of the morning ritual to clear the head by doing some daring dashes back and forth between the town where my school is, and my home town. I’ve been lucky that the police patrol the stretch fairly infrequently, or someone could have made a living off tickets issued only to me.

I’ve been bussing the last few days, though, and usually it is a sedate affair with a few pensioners making the trip with me because the transit pattern is reversed for the majority. They leave their town and go into mine in the morning, and then come back from my town when the commute happens. That makes for an empty bus in both directions, and I can sit and observe the old geezers heading to wherever they go.

FTBDD-1However, and there is of course a however here or I wouldn’t have brought it up, the last few days have seen the reverse of the usual. My buses have been packed, and today somebody nicked my bleeding lap-top, so I was practically crippled in school because all my homework – essays and notes and calendars are digital.

Because of that thieving bastard, whoever he was, I’m about a week behind in everything because I can’t show the teachers anything, so now I’m sitting here trying to recreate all of that work overnight.

I need tea.

I was going to enjoy another inset day tomorrow, but I’m doing this – because I can sleep when I drop off from exhaustion. And this may mean that the sofa thing has entered a new phase. I may have to buy another laptop instead of a sofa. I have – had – two lappies though. One has a 17” screen and I’m not lugging that anywhere. The story of my life. My 12” notebook was barely readable, and the other laptop is nearly a desktop. I hate computers. Why are we so reliant on them?

At least the thieving bugger won’t get any use out of the lappie because it was code-locked. He’s going to have to go to a lot of effort to get any use from it. I hope he chokes on it. But there is of course a silver lining in all of this. Mark has been adorably upset about the whole thing.

Of course, his tack about consoling my loss – after hugs and that – was to suggest that we could wait with changing the sofa and get a new laptop for me instead… How generous, huh? I loves him so. I do.

But at least we have decided definitely that we’ll spend Christmas here in England. Our going-abroad budget have been much filled both by the summer in Sweden and that trip to Paris. It’s going to be nice to stay at home, and just drive over to Wiltshire for the roast and turkey on December 25th. And I have to spend my money on a laptop, haven’t I?