happydanceYesterday I tried to do a little happy dance because my parents have taken pity on me, and have offered to get me a new laptop for Christmas. I just has to spend some time and convince them that this time, they should buy one with a proper graphics card, and not just an integrated one. Oh, and with a proper sized screen instead of the minimalist version of my last laptop.

As it was, when I opened LibreOffice word-processor, the panel at the top seemed to take up most of the screen. I don’t want a notebook this time, but a regular laptop with a good screen and a good keyboard. Notebooks aren’t a trend any more anyway. Still, my last one was handy to carry around. I’ll give it that.

Last evening I also spent most of my time near the bathroom, because I have been affected with something that near made it impossible for me to remain vertical without being nauseous. I wonder if there is some disease out there that affects the balance system? It appeared that way because as soon as I stood up, the effect was that I felt like vomiting.

Well, being horizontal wasn’t such a big hit either. All that is a long way of saying that I made a smart decision not to go to school yesterday, although my motivation for not going may not have been so pure at the outset. I’ve not been up today either, and I doubt I’ll go up tomorrow.


novemberToday is the last day of November. Tomorrow it is December. It seems like yesterday when Mark and I live in that cottage in Sweden, and during my convalescence I tried again to have a chat with Ola. But he barely remembers me. I had to explain who I was when I contacted him on the chats. “Oh right,” after giving context is not a good sign of being near and dear to someone is it?

Mark laughed at that, because it took him three seconds to get the context right so that he could remember who I was talking about. Christ, it’s only six months. People shouldn’t forget each other in six months. But I think I’ll just delete Ola from my contacts now and relegate him to “someone I used to know briefly”.

But being almost December, there is that little thing in almost two weeks that I have to go to, and which is what the meeting with the school staff was about a couple of days ago. They will be starting to prep me about the interview. They have special sessions for people who want to get into Oxbridge. Apparently regular universities aren’t so picky, and it would look good for the school if people got in there.

Then they could put that into their pamphlets. “So and so many of our students went on to Oxbridge, so send your teen to us!”.


disgustMark is oscillating between doting hen-mother for me and deep disgust of my decrepitude. In one instance he can tell me to go to bed, and in the other he can say ‘You’re not dead, get it yourself’. It is so hard to take advantage of him sometimes. All I asked for was some water.

He is also envious that I sit home when he has to go to school. He doesn’t think that for every day I’m at home, there’s about three hours worth of homework I have to do. I’m up to a full day of homework now, which I’ll have to do. If I stay home tomorrow I’ll have to spend the whole weekend just catching up. Again. As if the loss of the laptop wasn’t enough of recap-ing.

But of course, I slept all day, so now I can’t go to sleep, so I write this to keep you updated instead. Which, considering the book I’m reading, prompts Mark to accuse me of laying at home reading filth. He wonders when I’ll join the rabble and buy “Fifty shades of Grey”.