backtoschoolI have a mind to crawl under the bed and wail, and take the dogs with me to protect me from being dragged out from under it by people that think I’ve gone quite mad. The reason for this misery is that it is just two days until I have to be back at school!

Yes, on Monday I have to get up at seven, and then I have to bike away to school, and then I can sit there and mope and ask the highly pertinent questions to myself and everyone: Dude, where did my winter break go? I feel like I haven’t had any, and I want a refund of free days. Like another month or so.

Yes, that should be fine. Please deliver the refund ASAP. I shall eagerly wait here, under the bed, with the dogs. Unless Mark pulls me out from under it by the leg. Or because I start to sneeze because the dust-rats under the bed is bigger than they ought to be because we’ve been lazy here when we should have tidied the house at some point during the last few days.

Now it feels like a clock is ticking at the back of my head; tick tock tick tock; counting down to the inevitable end of this winter break. And what lies ahead? The rush to the finish line; stress, anxiety, nail-biting about university. Oh, and once the university situation have cleared, there will be the offers from these universities that I have to live up to. Demands, requirements, grade levels – and the ever present fitful hope that I actually reach whatever is demanded of me.

I understand what The Doctor must have felt like when he regenerated from David Tennant into Matt Smith, and I can only say what he did at the time, in the same tone of voice: “I don’t want to go!


homecountiesThis break has been characterised by not being that much alone, so for two days Mark and I have shut off the telephones, unplugged the internet. For two days we practically went into hibernation, the two of us, away from everything – and it was good.

It was not a little cottage like during summer but rather our own house, but it was close enough, and while I distinctly remember having cabin fever quite a few times during Mark’s stint as an employee in Sweden, this time there was none of that.

It was just the two of us, taking long walks and sipping hot tea in the miserable no-weather that we’re having with threats of flooding one day and clouds coming so low that it might as well be called mist the next. But the weather also made us stay inside, and thus kept us chained to what we were supposed to do – which was to be anti-social after all the social interactions.

The Home Counties can be a beautiful place, if you get away from all the people. While I’m at heart a city boy, I do appreciate the odd tour about the countryside – and there’s been quite a bit of that these past days. This is often evident when I’m off to run, and I can stop somewhere and just bask in the view of some place.