I'm sceptical about the idea of having babies in the house.
I’m sceptical about the idea of having babies in the house.

We had one of those funny discussions last evening, and the subject was kids. Do we want them or not? You know the scenario: we’re lying there, both of us reading something. Mark has fallen for the ‘Last Ape Standing’ and is reading it, while I’m reading Mankell. As we’re reading, we’re talking, and there’s like a minute between each response of the conversation.

Stephen had said earlier that he really wanted kids, and we mocked him for it, and claimed that he would be a horrible parent. He wouldn’t really, but you can play-mock people anyway. That’s the sort of jargon we have anyway. Full of put-downs and declarations of stupidity. When Stephen and Abbie left, we took up that branch of the talk.

I’m much more sceptical about having kids than Mark is. He, like Stephen, really wants two or three once we’re done with university and all. Apart from a lot of fun sexual innuendo between us, it is kind of hard for us to have kids. The normal way is barred for us, after all, no matter how much we try.

Mark joked that the next step in political equality for us homosexuals would be to petition to have the normal methods of procreation allowed. It was discriminatory to have to go through a lot of paper-work when all the heterosexuals had to do was to drink too much on a Saturday and then undress.

So, for us it would be a matter of adopting, and I’m sure there are plenty of kids left into state or adoption agency care that would be suitable for a couple of young and up-and-coming homosexuals. We did joke that we would find a couple of lesbians to share with, but Mark doesn’t want to share. He wants the kid full-time, without any other people involved. So, adoption.

But do I want it? I’m not certain, to be honest. I have this on-again off-again reaction to the whole idea of having kids. I think it would be much more intense than having the dogs, and I’m pulling my hair out sometimes over the dogs. I think that babies waking up and screaming at four in the morning would be bad. And what on earth would kids that I’ve helped raise be like? A bunch of intellectual wannabe neurotics that explode their chemistry sets in the garage all the time.


The school has been in a state of computer chaos this morning.
The school has been in a state of computer chaos this morning.

The school is in an uproar because the intranet is down for some reason, and this school relies so much on the computers to function that everything is in a state of chaos. Nobody can log into the intranet to see their assignments, or their messages, or access the calendars.

For myself, I’ve always copied the calendars to my local programs, but from the amount of whining and expressions of outrage, I’m in a minority. My school is very computer intensive – it is one of the things they list as a selling point in order to lure students to enroll here. But as we can see at times like this, it has its back-side.

I would assume that most teaching and student care is going to be in chaos today because no one can access anything on the net. The only thing that works is the internet, and I suppose there are going to be more student intellectual murders as they flock to Wikipedia and places like that to find their references for the course work.

Not to mention that the teachers tend to be very into their routines, and now that the routine has been disturbed, it’s going to be interesting to see them try to fall back on old-school teaching styles like I had back in my school in Sweden. That school was hardly computer focused at all.


The school library is being pulled into the general library crisis
The school library is being pulled into the general library crisis

When I came here to the Library today, there was a big sign on the door that the library will be moved to another school in the group next year for cost-saving. It will be a centralised library for all the five or so schools that is in the school group.

My oasis of peace and quiet is going to disappear, and the librarian was visibly upset about that. It is understandable. I’m upset too, but it is also true that I won’t be here next year.

My school is an independent one, run by a charitable trust. It is not a state school, and do things their own way. Still, I suspect that the school gets a lot of cash from the state for things like school libraries and such, while being careful not to accept funding for studying. There are strings attached to normal school funding, and this school does not want to follow normal state school procedures.

But, it’s a stupid decision because it won’t mean that much cost-saving, and it will mean a lot of trouble for students. The group has five or six schools in all, but it only has one school in this town. A centralised library means that the students won’t have access to the library.

It is supposed to be some sort of electronic check-out of books, but as we have seen today with the intranet down, that is not going to help anyone.


Piling up the drama this morning...
Piling up the drama this morning…

In addition to the computer chaos, there is some drama going on among my class mates in English literature, and that is that a couple has split up, and they are marshalling their friends around them into two separate camps. Us guys are mostly confused about the whole thing.

It is the down-side to being one of five guys in a class of sixteen. We’re supposed to put of a solidarity front against the mass of females, even when the guy in the centre of the drama storm has behaved like an arse. Apparently the girl found the boy with his tongue stuck far down into another girl’s throat at a party this weekend.

Now I’m supposed to understand that ‘it is not a big deal’ and that the girl is ‘over reacting’. Christ, if I found Mark in that position I’d show him over-reaction. There would be kitchen knives involved. Big ones. And in plural. So, no, I don’t think the girl is wrong in being upset.

But saying so to him is apparently a test of friendship, so the rest of us guys are pretty confused about the whole thing. He did something wrong, and should own his mistakes and take the consequences. Not go around and demand displays of friendship and solidarity. Gah. I hate drama like this.

This is why I’ve fled to the library. And apart from the librarian stuffing things into boxes too loudly, and too harshly, there’s peace and quiet here. And internet. Nothing is functioning as it should today. Hooray.